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This blog has been updated for freshness. Original publish date 5/18/15.

It’s about getting your voice heard — no matter what industry you are in. And online communication is the current trend to do just that... and it isn’t going away. You need to have effective communication to be a success.

You got back into the office after a super successful trade show. You’ve just sat down at your desk and you have a list of emails that you’re very excited to connect with them. You’re getting ready to send your first message and you’re using your super cool new tool, Ving. But… sending effective communication to a large list of contacts that you have only met once is different than how you normally communicate.

Your effective communication, especially with marketing emails, needs to be well thought out. You need to really think about every single part of your message. And on top of that, you need to keep your goals in mind.

More than half of the emails sent by business are marketing emails (source). This means your important messages have some competition.

This week we went on the hunt for some of the best practices and tips for your effective communication — when it comes to marketing emails. These are simple tips that all organizations should use!

Forbes gave some tips in 2012 that we think still apply.


Get Organized.

It is important to have a plan and to stay organized. Your messages need to have a point and a goal. Once you start to shape your messages, step back. Make sure that your marketing emails stuck to the plan and your goals before you send them.

Create a list of people who are subscribed to your messages. This is a part of getting organized because it is important to keep your contact list up to date. You want to make sure all the right people and none of the wrong people are on your effective communication campaign. Sending marketing emails to people who did not sign up will hurt you, and your team, in the long run.

The final step to getting organized is to designate a person to your effective email communication plan. You need someone to make sure that your lists are being updates, your results are being tracked, and you’re reaching your goals. Keeping a close eye on this will allow your team to adjust your messages, as needed.


Good Beginning.

From the beginning (them signing up) you want to be straightforward with what they will be getting, so they can know what to expect. Keeping your reader in the know will make sure they are aware of everything they are gaining by subscribing to your marketing emails.

By not being straightforward from the beginning you will in turn lose readers. If your readers are signing up for more information about your product and you send them emails about software updates they will have a negative vibe toward your company. So have a good beginning. Stick to what you they want to know about!



It is important to have a way for people to leave, if you want to have effective email communication with your next marketing campaign. This can be anything from an official unsubscribe link to, please email john.smith@gmail.com to unsubscribe.

Assign this to your effective email communication guru. They will need to make sure that these individuals do not receive anything more from the current campaign.

So, small business or fortune 500, with these simple tips you can succeed in your next effective email communication campaign. Click here to read more tips from Forbes. Maybe you are looking for the right tool? Check out our FREE trial of Ving. Ving has turned boring email into a brilliant, trackable digital packet of information that your contacts can interact with and love.


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