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We are all looking for quick and dirty communication tips that we can actually put to use today. Whether you are using Ving for your communication or another tool, these tips apply.

Follow these 5 principles of communication and your team will be thanking you.


1. Make Content Both Relevant And High Quality

People get a lot of emails, tweets, and notifications on a daily basis. Make sure that your communication stands out and is worth their time. Often we get into a rut with how we communicate. For example, if we send newsletters and meeting updates, we rely on the same old same old. Make sure that your communications are all relevant and of the highest quality. Do you always include all of your staff because it’s easier? Do you rely on the same format and updates because it’s always been that way? It’s time to re think to optimize recipient engagement. 

2. Don’t Send After Hours

It happens to all of us. Sometimes we take our work home and we finish something up in the evening or over the weekend. The urge to send something on the weekend or late at night can be there — hold off. It is important to establish a work-life balance and increase employee wellness, the next time you are working late hold off on inviting people to your Ving or sending that email.

3. Proofread Everything Before Sending

Often we get in a hurry. Slow down! Before sharing or sending a file make sure to review the entire document for any errors, tone and accuracy. Your audience will appreciate it. This goes for everything text, video, audio, etc.


4. Keep It Professional But Light

There really is a happy middle. It is important to keep your communication professional but that does not mean it has to be dry. Find the balance between entertaining and serious.


5. Be Current

With social media it can be hard to keep up with current events but it is more important than ever to keep up with your communication. If you are delivering material late or information that is outdated the people reading your communications may stop altogether. So keep up with current happenings at your office.

With these 5 principle tips your communication will be soaring! Because we are excited to help you improve your communication we have created an entire template library filled with ready to use, trackable content. Check out the library here.

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