OSHA compliance is vital for every employee, learn more now.

Every year, 300 people are killed and 165,000 are injured while using ladder. Do you have the right training for your employees?


With the right training your employees can have a better understanding of how to select the right step or straight ladder for the job, taking into consideration the ladder’s duty rating and the material from which it is made.


It is equally important to learn how to inspect ladders for service before use and how to safely carry ladders are discussed. We have videos that explain set-up considerations, how to extend straight ladders, determining the proper angle for a straight or extension ladder, climbing using three points of contact, working on ladders, and tips for making ladders stable.


A moment’s inattention on a ladder, or leaving tools on top of a step ladder, can cause a serious injury with long-lasting consequences. This training raises awareness of the hazards associated with ladder use and provides workers with information on how to protect themselves and others from the sometimes deadly consequences of carelessness with ladders or improper ladder use.


It is time to stop putting your employees at risk and start training on ladder safety them before they climb.


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