OSHA compliance is vital for every employee, learn more now.

20% of forklift accidents involve pedestrians, and many of those accidents are serious. While forklift operators receive forklift safety training, people who work around forklifts don’t usually get the training they need to remain safe.

Your company need the right material to teach pedestrians to be aware of the how forklifts move and the blind zone behind forklifts. Employees  are cautioned to never walk under a forklift with a raised load, and to be careful of the tripping hazards associated with lowered forks.


Pedestrians are reminded to stop-look-and-listen, use pedestrian crosswalks, and use mirrors to see around blind corners. The importance of making eye contact with forklift drivers is stressed.


This training emphasizes the need for pedestrians to keep a safe distance from forklifts, pay attention to their surroundings, heed proper procedures, and respect the dangers associated with working with and around forklifts.


Full of practical suggestions and real-life situations, this training helps keep pedestrians who work around forklifts and other motorized lifts safe.


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