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Whether you have been a long time customer, just getting started with Ving, or merely wondering how Ving validates the importance of business communication this is the blog for you. Today we are going to break down the who, what, where, when, why about Ving! You will learn a little more about us and why we do what we do and how to continue to improve your communication in Ving.


Let’s get started with the who is Ving. The Ving team consists of highly trained and dedicated thought leaders in each of our particular areas of focus. If you are a current user you know the “who” part of Ving plays a huge role in your communication. From our developers to our front line sales professionals, each member of our team has a mission to improve communication and we are willing to do whatever it takes to make that happen because we understand that your business needs to by communicating in sync.

Enough about us, who uses Ving? Business professionals just like you use Ving. If you communicate with a group of people on a regular basis — you can use Ving.


So what are we? Ving is an online tool that allows you to create a digital packet filled with any type of information (documents, videos, images, surveys, etc) and then share and track engagement on those packets.

The tracking is crucial to your business communication. On your dashboard you can know who has opened a portion of your Ving or the entire packet. For you Ving users out there, did you know that you can click on an individual person or component to get an even more detailed report on that specific person/component.


We are anywhere you can access the internet. We encourage you to post and share Vings to multiple platforms (social media, work portals). Your analytics will all come back to the same place and your contacts will love the ease of accessing a Ving on their mobile devices.


It is all up to you on the “when”. Simply keep a Ving active until your information becomes dated, then mark it inactive. By marking a Ving inactive no one who has previously been sent an invitation or finds the link on the internet will be able to access your content.  


Because communication is vital to the success of your company and using a tool that improves your communication is mandatory. So log in right now and create a Ving to keep your office in sync on a new policy, a weekly meeting update, or even send a thank you to an employee who has gone above and beyond lately.

So there you have it! Every way you look at it Ving validates the importance of business communication. Because we love our tracking and analytics area, here is an eBook that will help you learn more about what all your dashboard offers you.


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