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6/10/15 7:31 AM Jennifer Orr

Tired of the workplace being the same every day? Liven up the office with these employee engagement activities and see your employees become more engaged at work.

While I was a college student, I had a few different jobs. They each had their own different types of employee engagement activities. One job in particular always went above and beyond to make sure we (the employees) were engaged. I worked at Outback for 4 ½ years as a server and honestly can say it has positively affected my life. Because the management team was so great at facilitating employee engagement activities, I have lifelong friendships and memories that I will cherish forever. We were a family at Outback and it was due to these employee engagement activities they had us participate in. Employee engagement activities is more than just a fun activity on a Friday or a way to increase productivity in your office — it is about building relationships. A team that works together succeeds together. If you’re not in the restaurant business, don’t worry. These employee engagement activities are good for any line of work.

Themed Days at Work

Creating theme days at work is an effective way to loosen people up and create a fun environment. And on top of that, they are easy to customize! Theme days can be wardrobe related such as pajama day, mismatch day, or hat day. This is a great way to encourage your employees to show their personal styles and really have a chance to be silly and relax in the workplace. Your theme day doesn’t always have to be wardrobe related try a sports day, Hawaiian luau day, or a nerd day — just to name a few. These are a great chance for your employees to relax and express themselves in the office. You may know the skills someone at your office possess because they need those skills to do their job, but you may not know anything else about them. Theme days are a fun way to open up in your office.

Team Building Exercises

Team building social activities can really improve friendships within the workplace. Employee engagement activities can be done in a big group or in small teams. Some activities include volunteering in the community or games at the office. We had team building exercises quite often in and out of the restaurant. A few that I remember involved us volunteering at the local family mission; organizing clothes. This was a and is a great activity because we got the chance to see each other out of the workplace and built a bond over helping others in our own community. In the restaurant we were divided into groups of three and as you were running food you signed your name on the food ticket before stabbing it (a stack of completed food tickets), whichever team ran the most food, won a free meal. This type of exercise really got everyone motivated and even though it was a busy weekend the management kept it fun along the way. Try setting goals at the office. Whether it is sales or marketing goals, set a goal for your team. These goals will help your team work together to win a prize.

Celebrate Milestones

At the beginning of every month, a bulletin would be posted that included birthdays of employees, anniversaries of start dates, and the employees of the month. Everyone likes to be celebrated or recognized for their accomplishments in the workplace. It’s also great to not only celebrate work-related milestones but also personal milestones. We were always celebrating birthday’s or throwing a baby shower for one of our coworkers. Make sure your management team is recognizing and taking a part in your employees lives both in and out of the office.

With these employee engagement activities in place, it made Outback a great place to work for 4 ½ years. The friendships and memories I have gained from there will last a lifetime. Building trust and camaraderie leads to a happy high performing team. This excitement and energy penetrate the entire environment. Your customers can feel how well you work with one another, which drives them to come back. There is an endless list of possibilities for employee engagement activities in the workplace. If you need ideas on what your workplace should do send a survey in a Ving to get some feedback from the crew. Once you’ve established a playful work environment, you’ll find your employees enjoy coming to work and becoming more motivated. We all like to have fun, especially at work, with these great tips you’ll be sure to make the workplace more enjoyable than it already is.

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