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We keep talking about revamping safety training and using training more effectively, but sometimes you just need a simple idea that will get your employees engaged and interested by changing the atmosphere a bit. That’s where we come in. We’ve got some great ideas that will help you bring a little bit of fun to the serious matter of safety training.


Try out some (or all) of these fun training solutions in your workplace and let us know how it goes! We’d love to hear about your unique implementations and successes with your training enhancements.



Gamification doesn’t necessarily mean taking work and turning it into a game or taking something serious and making it less so. What it really means is creating a motivation system that will boost employees’ natural drive to compete and do well. By creating a system of rewards, you give your employees something tangible to work toward, not just the abstract idea of a safe environment.


Get your employees focusing more on the training and really digesting the information for the competitive nature of the game, however it is you choose to play. Daily or weekly time frames will work best because it’s easy to lose focus on a goal when the final results are too far in the future. Keep employees focusing all week on really digging into the training material and winning the game.



Using humor during safety training may seem a little counterintuitive, but it can actually be pretty effective—if done right. Obviously you want your employees to take the training seriously, so you don’t want to make the whole training session seem completely ridiculous with no serious implications. What you can do is insert little jokes here and there when the focus isn’t on important safety information.


For example, make a short training video with some employees role playing. Have them use an inside joke that the other employees will find amusing in the video before the hazard happens. Being silly at these times can keep employees engaged and connected, and personalized content like this can make a bigger impact than outdated, overgeneralized, standardized materials from faceless corporate entities.


An even easier example is to include silly graphics, like gifs, in the online reading material. We’ve been known to do that once or twice here at Ving, and it definitely gets a few chuckles circulating around the office. Just find out what your employees like to joke about and insert a small amount of it into training materials.


Bite Size Chunks

Breaking up training into smaller chunks will help with comprehension and retention of the material, and employees are a lot less likely to get bored in the middle of training. When employees aren’t struggling or bored, they’re more likely to really take in the information they’re receiving. Breaking training into chunks also means that training can be delivered when it’s most relevant. Real hands-on, on-the-job, applied training can be the most effective since it’s not a theoretical, hypothetical classroom work.


Smaller chunks can also be delivered with more fun approaches, since there isn’t a massive amount of content to get through in one sitting. This is especially simple when it comes to online training approaches because sections can be broken down and reviewed separately without taking a dozen breaks from work or gathering employees in multiple sessions.



The success of any of these approaches depends on your employees and your workplace environment. Find out what works well for your team and tweak it to suit their needs. If you’re not sure what their concerns are or what they’d like to see change, consider sending out an employee engagement survey. Don’t forget to let us know how you make these fun training solutions work for your team!



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