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signs technology improves communicationA new year... a new you, that's what people have said for years. With 20 days left, it’s time to step back — reflect and rewrite. What was your internal communication strategy for 2014?

If you had an internal communication strategy for 2014, now is the time to review what did and didn’t work. If you did not have a strategy, read on to see why you should and how to get started writing one for 2015.

Why you should

Your employee team is absolutely critical. Their success is your success. Yet, according to Officevibe, 70% of employees are not engaged. What if the same was to be said about your cell phone? Your cell phone is your main, mobile, communication tool. Not working 70% of the time is not acceptable for your phone, and so the same should said for your employees. However, getting your employees engaged can be overwhelming and difficult, but not — if you have a communication strategy.

Your internal communication affects your employee engagement. How you communicate with your employees can build or break the work environment. Keep in mind that 87% of engaged employees are less likely to leave the company (Officevibe). Your communication with your employees affects your employee engagement, which in turn affects your retention, big plus all around!

How to write

So… when you begin creating (or re-visiting) your plan for 2015 keep the following in mind.


It is important to hear from your employees. Sending out a two or three question survey every other month will allow you to communicate with all of your employees. As well, give your employees a moment to share what is on their mind.

Forums are another great way to get feedback. Set up an internal forum for your employees. When someone has an idea or complaint about something in the office they can submit it in the forum. This will give you a heads up about any problems that may be going on that you just are not aware of.

Be Personable

It is important to be professional, but personable in your communications with employees. Several emails, videos, memos, posters, and even training material fly across your desk, and the desks of your employees. Try sending a personal video message along with new training material so that employees don’t feel so bogged down. (Ving is an easy way to send personal video messages and large files, but you already know that.)

Keep Your Company in Mind

Now this may seem obvious, but through everything, remember your company goals, mission, and values. Constantly reminding your employees about what makes their job so important and how they are helping the company fulfill its goals and missions will create a bond between your employee and your company.

From Officevibe, “Only 40% of the workforce knew about their company goals, strategies, and tactics.” Don’t make that mistake in 2015. Create a transparent environment for your employees. Share with them your goals, plans, and mission for your company this coming year.

Be ready for 2015

With this in mind you will be ready for 2015. Your internal communication will be on point, which will increase your employee engagement. With your employees engaged, your retention will be higher this coming year as well! Before the year is over, take time to make your internal communication strategy and in 2015 your company is sure to skyrocket!


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Rachel W

"Ving Understands What Safety Managers Need to Improve Training"

One of the biggest problems I've had with safety training platforms is making the training easily accessible on mobile job sites, making it easy to upload in-house training, and technical issues with outdated software. All of those problems have been solved by Ving. It's well-thought-out and easy-to-use.

What problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?

I love the QR code option. For example, you can print a QR code sticker that explains how to inspect fire extinguishers and post it next to the extinguisher so anyone doing monthly inspections isn't guessing based on training that was six months ago. They can review the training immediately.

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Kimberly D

"Excellent Customer Service and Product"

I highly recommend using VING for anything from safety training to onboarding and management training. I can't stress enough how helpful and knowledgeable the Customer Support is!!!

What problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?

Safety training - VING makes safety training, compliance, and tracking easy. I have recently started using it for leadership and management training as well and love it!


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Kim B

"Ving Training has been very convenient and helpful."

I like the flexibility and convenience of completing training for employees with different job responsibilities and schedules.

What problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?

It has helped to achieve a high percentage of training completion for our salary employees.

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