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It can be a catch 22. You want to stay connected and engaged at work, even outside the office. Realistically isn’t that one of the many joys of smart phones? However a Gallup study shows that you may be more stressed if you are checking work emails after hours.

In the same study they mention that many full time employees feel very positive about the developments in mobile technology because it gives them the ability to work after hours. With these mixed stats what are you and your employees suppose to do after hours?

Like always you need to find the gray area to improve your work life balance.

1.Increase Your Refresh Time

If you are like many full time professionals you are getting your emails pushed to your phone in real-time. Try and relax this weekend by changing that setting to every 30 minutes or every hour. This includes those Ving notifications we all know and love. You do not need to be checking your email regularly to see if your Ving has had any new interactions. Changing this setting will allow you to stay connected with your team and your family and friends.

2.Dedicate Hours

Just like you would plan work meetings, schedule time for activities. In a recent study, not having enough time for family was the number one reason for dissatisfaction. So this weekend, plan and carve out family time.

3.Do Not Disturb

You can also take advantage of your Do Not Disturb setting on your phone. You will want to check what your Do Not Disturb setting means on your phone but for most it means you will not receive phone calls, texts, or notifications. This can be great for a few hours over the weekend or at night to improve your chances of uninterrupted sleep.

These are just three ways that you can start to find the happy middle between working your weekends away and disengaging with work all together. How do you balance work and life? Comment below.


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