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10/12/15 6:00 AM Stephanie Hunter

The perfect training plan template for your employees baked to perfection.

Human resource professionals identify the top issues in 2015 being culture and engagement, it is exceedingly important to address training in the same breadth. With a warm and respectful nod to author Laura Joffe Numeroff is “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie”, here are the best 5 steps to connecting culture and engagement at your organization through a training plan template for employees.

Step 1: Create Well Articulated Job Descriptions

If you give each of your employees a well articulated job description, expectations will be concise. Once you set these expectations, the likelihood of there being any surprises on either side will be minimized. With a strong mutual understanding, it makes sense that during periodic reviews, a path is developed for continuing to meet objectives and to set a journey for future growth.

Step 2: Set a Solid Path for Success

If you provide regularly scheduled and meaningful feedback, that relates back to job description, your team will be on a path for success. With success, there is a desire for continued growth and learning. To accomplish meaningful learning, there needs to be ongoing education and training.

Step 3: Address Training through Optimization of Your Time and Theirs

If you want to develop a training template for employees filled with materials that optimize everyone’s time, you need to curate best practices and create materials accessible and repeatable. Fortunately, for the majority of jobs, there are any number of assets that are readily available and address multiple learning styles. If you survey your team — learning styles will vary from: auditory, visual and kinesthetic. Knowing learning styles will help you craft training that will cut down on cycles of comprehension.

If you have best practices and learning styles, you can address content development through training templates for employees

Step 4: Develop Training Templates for Employees

If you have your material together, you’re ready to develop a training template for employees. Utilize the concept of “create once and reuse again and again”. There is no need for you to start from scratch every time, especially if you’ve isolated what works well the first time!

Your training template for employees may take the format of: video or audio training, text of PDF of bullet points supporting the video/audio asset, and finally a quick survey to check your employee’s comprehension. Best part of a template may be your employees’ ability to access the training on their time, when it fits into their daily routine.

Step 5: Start the Cycle Again

If you’ve created and shared outstanding training templates for employees, you’ll have freed more time in your day. If your employees are being trained, they’ll contribute and be more engaged in your company. If they’re more engaged in your company, they’ll likely stay longer. If they stay longer, you’ll be able to spend more time hiring other team members to couple with growth and success.

Now where’s that cookie…

Ving is the chocolate chips to your cookie. With a platform like Ving your training templates will be saved, organized, and sharable. You won’t regret being the superstar that introduces Ving to your office.

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