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Your alarm goes off and you smile because today is your remote day. You can stay in your PJ’s and slippers.. not. Just because you’re at home doesn’t mean that you are going to spend the day relaxing on the couch watching Netflix.

Your remote workers are sure to be just as busy connecting, communicating, and closing deals at home as they are in the office. But, to get there your team needs the right advice to be successful at home. Here are 5 reasons remote workers ruin their quota and how to be a better sales professional at home (or a coffee shop).

1. Dogs barking, kids crying, noisy neighbors.

Make sure to find a quiet space that will allow you to get your best work done and take sales calls uninterrupted. If you jump on a call and there is a dog barking over your sales pitch your prospect will be focusing on your dog and not on your pitch at all.

2. Missed phone calls.

There is nothing worse than missing a phone call. If you have a landline at the office, make sure to transfer the phones before your remote day begins. Also, don’t forget to keep your phone nearby and the ringer volume on loud. One missed call could cause you to miss your monthly quota.

3. Multiple distracting elements.

Create a dedicated work space. Have a clutter free environment so your productivity can be at it’s peak — just like when you’re in the office.

A professional work space is crucial especially if you are participating in video calls (Hangout, Skype, GoToMeeting). If there are glaring lights, cluttered space, personal photos or any other distractions behind you, your prospect will be more focused on them than you.

4. Intermittent internet connections.

Just like dropping a call, losing internet can cost you a deal. Make sure to test your internet before starting your remote day to ensure that your internet is strong and ready for a full day of work. You can test your internet speeds here:

5. No regular schedule.

It may feel as though you can sleep in or come and go during your remote day. However to maintain your quota you should take advantage of these extra minutes (due to lack of commute) and finish a task that you might not have had time to get to the day before or listen to a new podcast.

Remote work is a great plus for many of us, make sure that you pay attention to the details to make your remote days completely successful!


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