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50 Scary Easy Questions To Actually Drive Big Sales Engagement

50 scary easy questions to drive sales engagement - blog image

Recently I was asked, "How are you just handed so much in life?" It is the epic question that sort of stabs you as someone asks it, but for a second I thought... maybe they were right. Then I realized in true North East Ohio fashion, nothing in life is handed to us. A few days later I ran across a quote that said, "Nothing in life was handed to me. I just handled everything in life different."


This reminded me of the conversations I have had with clients — no matter where they are on their buyer journey. We need to be ready to handle every situation because a sale is not going to be just "handed" to you. These 50 questions will help you and your team drive sales engagement at your office.


Gather Basic Information

1. What is your first name?
2. What is your last name?
3. What is your email?
4. What is your industry?
5. What is your current job title?
6. What is your preferred method of contact?
7. What is your current city?
8. What is your current state?
9. What is your current county?
10. What is your company name?
11. What is your company size?
12. What is your company revenue?


Questions To Evaluate The Buying Process


13. How did you find our product/service?
14. What is your interest level in our product?
15. What is going on at your company today?
16. What problems do you wish to solve?
17. What has changed at your company over the last year?
18. What are you looking forward to in the next quarter?
19. What are some of your company goals?
20. What are some of your product/service goals?
21. What is your current budget?
22. Who all is involved in the buying process?


Stay Socially Connected


23. What is your preferred social site?
24.What is your Twitter handle?
25.Are you on Linkedin?
26. Are you on Facebook?
27. What is your Snapchat username?


Evaluate Your Product And Services


28. How would you rate our product overall?
29. What can we do to improve our purchase process?
30. How would you rate our current pricing?
31. How would you rate our onboarding process?
32. What would you improve about the onboarding process?
33. What would you say was the most helpful during the onboarding process?
34. What challenges did you have getting started?
35. What made getting started easy?
36. What challenges are you currently facing with your product or service?
37. Have you ever needed to contact our customer service team?
38. How would you rate our customer service?
39. What time of day would you prefer a live rep to be available for questions?
40. How do you prefer to contact a support/success rep?
41. Have we gone above your expectations recently?
42. What content of ours helped you most? (ebooks, blogs, best practices, etc)
43. If you had a magic wand what would you change about our product?
44. What would you keep?
45. What would you additional feature would you add to our product?
46. What is your favorite feature?
47. What is your least favorite feature?
48. Do you prefer our product on mobile or desktop?
49. How do you see our product/service expanding at your company?
50. Would you tell a friend about our product/service?


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Now that you have an arsenal of questions to ask your clients throughout the entire sales process. Make sure to deliver them at the right time with the right tool. Ving allows you to pair a survey with a video or audio message from YOU! What better way to connect than with a personal video message. With Ving you can get all the benefits of face to face without the expense of travel.

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