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8/14/15 2:00 AM Stephanie Hunter

communication tools for businessWe recently hung flocked wallpaper — are we back to something vintage and comfortable? How about your communication tools for business which direction are you headed?

Recently, we had the opportunity or the joy of having to address the complete look of a room in our home. Not wanting to repeat what we had always done before, eggshell white paint, we went for something that was both old and yet humorously “a throw-back to a reliable and comfortable time”. Our choice: we hung black and silver flocked wallpaper.

“Oh my gosh” you say with your neck pushed back and your eyes bugged, you’re kidding right? And this directly relates to communication tools for business because you may not want to repeat what you’ve always done before! I was being completely serious too about the flocked paper. It’s up in all of its velveteen fuzzy glory and we love it!

Why? Because it harkens to a time back to the 1800’s when it was quite au courant and the rage. Naturally the overuse of flocked paper in the 70’s, as design historians quip “gave it a bad rap.” We love that it has history and is a bold statement that stands out completely. What about your communication tools for business, do you want something that both withstands the test of time and holds the valuable attributes? I think so, let’s deconstruct effective email communication tools with the same rationale.

History or Familiarity

When reaching out to your targeted audience, you need a tool that has some history and familiarity. According to the Radicati Group, “ remains the “go to” form of communication in the business world. By the end of 2017, it is estimated that the number of business email accounts will surpass 1.1 billion.” With email celebrating its 40+ birthday, there is giant familiarity with business email. Let’s think more about using something that you are comfortable with, it’s a known entity, it’s in your daily workflow, but you need to kick it up several notches.

It’s Bold and Makes a Statement

Still weighing paint vs wallpaper? For your communication tools for business, you want to be bold and make a statement, especially when you’re trying to connect to prospective clients, people who will have an impact on your bottom line. If you’re relying on the “same old same old”, you may suffer with your outreach and communications getting deep sixed into the virtual trash can.

The strongest statement that you can make is that it’s personal, not one size fits all, and that what you send reflects you, your company, your brand/image and uniqueness. Entrepreneur reminds us to make it customized and personal.

Now you’re thinking, vintage and bold… getting to the wallpaper decision.

Stands Out Completely

What will help you stand out completely? If you cannot be in front of each and every prospect or client face to face, you can do the next best thing: video or audio communication. In today’s world, it’s being able to combine all of the best in class into your communication tools for business. What are these?

The best tools are ones that:

  • Allow personalization
  • Include the latest in technology: video/audio
  • Encourages the inclusion of images, spreadsheets/documents
  • Finally includes the option for quick surveys.


What about access, how will targeted audiences be able to access your communications? By popular mobile devices - of course and also on demand. So your audiences are driving when they access information. Even better, you get the necessary analytics in real time to know when this is all happening.

Too good to be true?

Think again, Ving provides you powerful all engaging communication tools for business that allow you to:

  • Record a video or audio message for personalization directly into Ving
  • Combine it with images, spreadsheets and documents
  • Include a survey (if you’d like)
  • And best of all, get real time trackable feedback when your audience starts engaging

Wow, bring out the scissors and wall paper paste, the silver and black velveteen paper is going up right now. To top it all off bring out your Polarid Swinger and take a shot of your room.

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