We all Google. While someone states a random fact or asks a bizarre question someone else is “Googling” the answer. But what benefits does the Google Apps suite bring to us — besides solving life’s mysteries?

To get you the benefits that will matter most to you I went right to the source — our sales team. I asked them what are some benefits of Google Apps that make your job easier or things that you just love about Google Apps.

Here is what I found out!

Google Slides

Slides turned out to be a fan favorite! When traveling from school to school or business to business giving demos or presentations they do not have to bring their own laptops, hook ups, or speakers. Because their presentations are created in Slides they can simply access whatever slide they need on the fly and from any device.

Google Drive

Our salespeople are very excited to say goodbye to their flash drives. With Google Drive they can store and share files without the worry about bringing or forgetting the right flash drive.

Google Calendar

Because so many people trust and use Google using their calendar app is a no brainer, even for people not using Google Calendar the app is wonderful. Our sales professionals use the calendar to schedule meetings because it is so user friendly on their phones and laptop/desktop computers.

As an added bonus, because our CRM has a Google integration it makes it seamless to use their meeting scheduling app. So in addition to it’s clean look we can easily share a link and someone can pick a time that works for them versus our team trying to propose a few times and then schedule something.

Google Hangouts

And finally they mentioned Google Hangouts. This tool works with both Google and non-Google users. It allows our team to connect with people that are outside of our close geographic location. And they say the best part is it is free! They love that without any additional cost they can connect via video, screen share, and group hangout.

Those are our quick and awesome benefits of Google Apps directly from the Ving Sales Team. What do you love about Google Apps? Let us know by commenting below or tweeting us @vingapp.


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