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1/27/16 4:27 PM Tony DeAscentis, CEO


Do you have a gap in your sales engagement cycle? If so, you’re not alone. In fact, research cites that 60% of buyers are disengaged from the sales process. Your sales process is critical to the health of your business. When gaps occur in your pipeline, it opens the door for competitors to steal prospects that have stalled in your sales cycle, and you risk losing the revenue you need to grow your business. Many businesses must compensate for these trouble spots in their sales process by investing more time, effort and resources, which undermines bottom-line growth. Imagine how many more deals you could close if you could attract and retain the attention of that 60%.

What Creates the Sales Engagement Gap?

There are a number of contributing factors to the gap in the sales engagement cycle. Sales reps fail to communicate in a meaningful way. The value-add offered by the company and product is not clearly defined in either a meaningful or personalized way. As well, customers and prospects are simply overloaded with information coming through their email on a daily basis.


More often than not, sales-oriented communications does not take into account the prospect’s preferences for time of day or content format, causing many digital communications outreach efforts to fall flat.


Closing the Gap

Your company needs more than a single sales channel to reach today’s buyers. For an effective sales process to take place, your company needs to build a presence across multiple online and offline channels. Your prospects expect to interact with your company in a variety of ways, so be sure to provide multiple options for them to research your offerings and business and close the deal. Without these options, you won’t be where your buyers are looking, and they may question your legitimacy and ultimately search for other solution providers.


To this end, let’s talk about how Ving can help you address these issues and as a result, see your sales performance improve and flourish.

1. Digital Packets Bring Your Communications To Life  

  • When you’re sending information to customers and prospects, be it an industry report on how your product stands out from the competition, or a company blog post that helps to educate the audience about how your offering can uniquely solve their pain points – are you doing it in a way that actually grabs their attention, and makes it easy for them to view the content in different forms of media?
  • With Ving’s “digital content packets,” you can, for example, include a link to a blog post or article and include a short video, recorded by you or your CEO, to demonstrate a high-level explanation of what’s in the post. This way you can get their attention right from the start, and entice them to click on the article to learn more.

2. Real-Time Analytics Help You Learn About Your Prospects’ Preferences  

  • With Ving’s analytics dashboard, you can learn a lot about your prospects’ and customers’ preferences for communication. For example, what time of day do they typically read or view items? What types of media – video, audio, images, etc. – tends to get their attention and cause them to respond? How long does it usually take for them to view your communication and content? You gain an understanding of all of this so that you can improve your outreach methods with different individuals over time and increase engagement and interaction.

3. Data-Driven Insights Combined With Sharable Content Helps Entire Sales Teams

  • When you uncover a ‘best practice’ approach to a certain group or type of customer, isn’t it great to share that information with your entire team so everyone’s performance improves? Furthermore, wouldn’t it be ideal if you could easily allow others to reuse a form of communication with its various media assets that worked extremely well in generating interest? With Ving, the ability to share both the insights you gain and the most effective Vings you create are easily achieved with just a few clicks.


The frequency of the content you share, as well as a focus on the value your company offers through communications, are certainly factors you need to consider as you work towards closing the sales engagement gap. Additionally, make sure sales and marketing are working hand-in-hand on external communications strategies and messaging. For a successful sales process, your sales and marketing teams must be on the same page, not working in isolated silos. While mass marketing campaigns are typically general in nature, front line sales can personalize the message through a Ving. The result of this overlap helps to maximize lead generation and sales, as you’re increasing the number of touchpoints and personalizing interactions with customers. In other words, you’re going after that 60% of unengaged buyers head on. 


With Ving’s communications engagement platform, we take the guesswork out of the engagement process and allow your sales team to focus on what they need to do to turn a prospect into a loyal buyer: share valuable, relevant information.  Simply “selling product” isn’t the goal, even though that may seem counterproductive. The goal is to know the customers’ needs so well that the salesperson can provide a solution – a value to what they need, versus immediately resorting to a tactical response. Value will make buyers lifelong customers and believers in not only your product, but your company vision. Deliver a consistent message - in the right way, with the right communications tools, at the right time - to the buyer throughout the entire sales process – from marketing to signed contracts and even through renewals.


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