7/4/15 5:00 AM Lexi Rufener

How to Write a Professional EmailBusiness Communication emails are the gateway to the other parts of the world. Whenever a message needs to be sent it is sent faster than we can snap our fingers.

If we learn how to write a professional email with ease, not only will your boss be able to understand the contents but you will be looked at as an individual with communication smarts.

As I have grown up, the styles of sending emails have evolved from simply sending a few words with a subject, just so it would send quickly because of the dialup, to now with the internet at the stage it is, you can send video, images, and files. Options for how to write a professional email are at your fingertips.

According to The Radicati Group, who did a worldly study in 2012, the study told us, 25% of worldwide emails are from corporate organizations while the other 75% are consumers. They hope that by 2016, corporate accounts will surpass consumer’s faster.

Are you looking for the secret of how to write a professional email that is sure to impress not only your bosses’ but other colleagues when they read it check out the three parts of email that are crucial when it comes to writing. They are the subject, body, and finally the signature.


Your subject should include a brief explanation of the email as a whole, and what they might want to click on. Whether it is a document for an upcoming meeting or a simple graph that needs to be sent to the printer. Be sure to be as precise as possible your email may get overlooked in the sea of emails.


This section of the professional email is the part that is sure to leave an imprint on your boss. Be sure to address them appropriately. This expresses polite behavior and professional attitude. This goes hand in hand with your subject, by keeping the message short and to the point without leaving anything important unsaid. Your message needs to have a purpose. Don't allow yourself to ramble, this can take away from your email.


This section of how to write a professional email can give you the perfect sign off. This is also a great place to have a list of contact information. With your sign off and signature, you now have all three parts you need on how to write a professional email.

With these three crucial parts of how to write a professional email, which email system will you use to send one? The most common are Gmail, Yahoo, or Outlook. Have you ever tried Ving? Ving partners great with whichever email service provider you have selected. Want to learn more tips on how to write a professional email. Check out Vingapp.com.

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