8/20/15 7:18 AM Joe Gerberry

Customer Retention Strategies Mirrored in DinosaursThe dinosaurs once ruled the world. Using these customer retention strategies will help you rule yours!

Every boy growing up has a fascination with dinosaurs. They are big, they are scary, and they are fun! I’m speaking from experience of course; I was able to say the 5 syllable names — like dilophosaurus and apatosaurus — with ease. I saw The Land Before Time when I was barely able to walk and I was hooked after that. We even have a Tyrannosaurus Rex head in our living room — his name is Seymour.

The dinosaurs weren’t around forever and neither will your customers if you don’t have some really great customer retention strategies in place for your business. Keeping customers coming back to your business is the Brontosaurus backbone of staying viable. Let’s take a look at some aspects of different dinosaurs that can help you with some customer retention strategies.

Triceratops Shield

The Triceratops is known for its horns, but it’s really its frilled head that we can learn from. They have a giant frill behind its head to help cover its neck. It was made of hard bone and would help keep the T-Rex from taking a bite out of it’s neck, where all the veins and soft skin can be easily exposed. These frills can be as big as 3-4 feet in height.

Protecting and taking care of your customers needs to be one of your customer retention strategies. They are the lifeline and need to be taken care of. Set aside time in the week to review and consider both customer complaints and comments. Reach out to customers to get their opinion and see if there is anything you can improve on. Making sure your regular customers are taken care of the best will keep them coming back. You can ask customers how their time in your store was, or see if there is anything else that they needed that you didn’t have. Another way to protect your customers would be to have them fill out surveys or take them out for an annual lunch if your clientele is small enough.

Brachiosaurus Nose

With one of the longest necks in the dinosaur kingdom, the Brachiosaurus has an even more intriguing feature to learn about. Their nostrils are located on the top of their head, which allowed them to walk into the water deeper than any other dinosaur. This enabled them to travel great distances to get to food or away from predators.

Adaptability is another one of the customer retention strategies we can learn from the great dinosaurs. Be attentive to the needs of your customers and change if it looks like there is a shift in the climate of your business. If you hear from a client or customer that a certain item would sell well, or if having a service not currently provided could easily be accomplished and would help sales, consider it. Not every idea is a winning one but it is important to be adaptable. Maker sure to take your customers ideas and suggestions through the appropriate funnel. Being adaptable to your clients and customers will help make you their one-stop-shop.

T-Rex Legs

Easily regarded as the king of the dinosaurs, hence the Rex added to his name, the Tyrannosaurus is the most popular of the dinosaurs. However, there is a part of the dinosaur many do not take into consideration when thinking of how scary the predator can be. His strong legs can carry a ton of weight — literally the T-Rex could have been as large as 7.2 metric tons, but also allowed him to be fast as well. He is expected to get as fast as 45 mph but settles in at 25 mph. That's like a Mack truck going as fast as 45 mph. Scary for its prey!

The last of our customer retention strategies is quickness. You need to be as quick as the T-Rex when it comes to fixing issues with customers. Make sure that you react fast when customers have issues or questions. Even something small put on the back burner can be a big deal to a customer. Look at it this way: if it was important enough for them to bring it up to you, it should be that important to you to address the issue or question. If you are not aware of a fix immediately make sure to acknowledge that you working quickly to get it resolved or to find an answer. Showing empathy on a first interaction is key to your customer retention strategies.

There are easy ways to achieve these customer retention strategies and by using a product like Ving you’re sure to succeed. Ving can be sent to thousands of recipients and has tools to help you communicate with your customers and clients. You can easily use the survey tool to get feedback and even send personal messages using the video tool! Using customer retention strategies like these will help you from going extinct like the dinos.

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