Healthy Employee Engagement Activities to Get Your Team GoingYour health affects your daily life and that includes your productivity at work. Try these healthy employee engagement activities to increase productivity.

Losing weight is easier said than done, especially for those of us who are out of our regular routine. Throw in a bucket of stress and losing weight and staying productive seems impossible. Many statistics tell you about how to balance your work life at home. It is about delaying emails until you punch in — work life can wait. What about when your personal life invades work.

Recently I have experienced an increased stressful personal life — it happens… it’s called life. And even if you don’t talk about it. You’re thinking about it. According to the Center for Disease Control, “healthier employees are more productive employees.” They are less likely to call in sick and are in control of their lives.

I started to think. “What can I do to relieve some of this undesirable stress?” Well if you are wondering the same thing. Here are 10 sites that can help you unwind.

Before Work

Have you ever tried beginner yoga? Here are a few simple moves that will help you relieve the tension before you head into work. Sharing these simple yoga moves are great employee engagement activities — especially if your employees sit all day. By simple stretching and unwinding, you’ll get your day started right.

At Work

Some great yoga employee engagement activities that your entire office can do together can be found here! Have your team break for lunch 15 minutes early and together; get your yoga on. These moves are so simple, anyone can do them.

If your team isn’t one to do yoga together try to encourage your team to take a silent 15 minutes. Tell them to just relax and take a deep breath. Taking just a moment in the middle of the day can help you to refocus. Meditation is a recommended solution by the Mayo Clinic to decrease stress and anxiety.

Looking for another healthy employee engagement activities option? Tell each of your employees to close their eyes and rest their head on their desk. Just like breathing encouraging everyone to take a 15 “heads down” period is an excellent way to refocus your office and increase productivity.

After Work

So you’re home and you’re unwinding. You may be talking to your spouse, friends, partner, or family about your work day or just lounging watching some netflix. No matter what you do, stretch before you go to bed. Allowing your body to detox from your day will allow for a better night's sleep and a more productive morning.

So whether you’re being healthy at the office, before the office, or after the office use these yoga moves and relaxing tips will encourage each of your team members to live a healthier more balanced life. With our tool Ving, you can share pictures of the 5 office poses, some great meditation music, or even some tips for at home stretches!

No matter, it is time to make your next employee engagement activities healthier ones!


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