6/13/15 10:54 AM Stephanie Hunter

new techThere is always talk about about how new tech solves every-day problems. The future of the world relies on new tech. There is a global hunt on for the next best thing.

Just today, we celebrated new tech, this time to solve an age old problem. Picture it, summer is here in a short 10 days. In the hearty Midwest, the grey skies, ice and snow piles have given way to hazy, sweltering, muggy days — it’s the beginning of the month and we have company goals to reach, prospects to connect with and current clients to attend to. Then what happens? An unwelcome hitch, the air conditioner in our building is brought to its knees. The thermostat soars up, registering in the eighties and there’s no immediate repair in sight. Our unique added bonus, our company is located on the fourth floor of a very old building.

We don’t even need to go to Luminosity to know that heat rises. It’s an oven, but here’s the drill, our productivity hasn’t skipped a beat. How come? Because new tech has answers. Here are our go to solutions that kept us right on task.

Call Forwarding and Chat Lines

Our support calls were easily forwarded to our teams’ cellphones. Customers expected us to be available during normal business hours and we were. Our same cheerful Ving Success Team were able to field calls, remain on the chat lines and assist when needed. This was accomplished from houses, apartments, and even coffee shops. It’s a well known fact that call centers are spread across the country and around the world; a change of location different from a company’s main site is completely transparent to business.

Conference Calls and Gotomeeting

Face to face meetings are easily supplemented (or in our situation replaced) with group collaboration tools. New tech has elevated us from the octopus speaker phone to far more sophisticated offerings, which include the more typical conference call or the advanced Gotomeeting. The latter includes the opportunity to instant message during the meeting to ask questions directly to the organizer or even more exciting to share feedback with all participants.

There are lots of options with respect to one to one conversations: Google Hangout, SKYPE, and Facetime. As many devices/big league players out there, there are solutions that allow us to successfully claim back our productivity. With collaboration tools, we are even able to record our meetings and share them with both, participants and those who were absent.

Combining A Few Approaches Together

Both of the previous solutions are synchronous approaches to working in disparate locations. There is however, an emerging and growing need to have the availability of a collection of information offered in an asynchronous environment.

Ving is a new tech tool that combines the ability of including video, audio, documents, images and question sets into one multi media message. In the collaboration meeting above, once the the Gotomeeting was recorded, we were able to push the audio recording, along with meeting notes/agenda and the PowerPoint Presentation along with a quick survey to see if everyone understood the direction and opened the door for additional questions. Because we weren’t in the same meeting and or space, this allowed us to get the information out in one easily constructed Ving. Best part of sending a Ving — the real time feedback on when contacts interacted with various component in my Ving.

The next time the AC goes on the fritz or when the December snow storms come back around, remember that your company has great options on how to keep the momentum going with your team. Start thinking ahead and Ving may be just the right new tech to include in your toolbox--be proactive. Remember it’s only early June!

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