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Falling is no joke. It might be funny in the moment, or right after when you know everyone is safe, to see someone fall down a few steps or trip a little however falling can cause some serious damage. 


When working above ground, the risk of falls increases and standard safety procedures must be followed. We have a great series of fall protection training material that will be perfect for your employees working in the air.


This course provides examples of how to safely climb ladders and inspect areas for hazards. This course reviews items that might be in your facility’s Fall Protection Plan including safety nets, guard rail systems, and personal fall arrest systems. Learners are shown the different types of personal fall arrest systems and the importance of equipment inspection and replacement.


Working above ground can be safe by following the safe work practices and using the right personal protective equipment as shown in this course. Click below to learn more and request your fall protection training today.


 5 Short Lessons on Construction Fall Protection