Every school year teachers are bombarded with new technology. You might have a new tool and the best of intentions to use it, but do you have the time? As a teacher, you are working nonstop. Even with the best of intentions it can be time consuming make new lesson plans or to give old lesson plans a good update.

Luckily, there are tons of free resources online so lesson planning is less of a chore. We are adding to the free resources made available for you!

Ving is a student engagement tool that allows you to share files, quizzes, and more with your students. Rebuilding all your lesson plans will be too time consuming especially at the beginning of the year. We have premade, free lesson plans you can use today with your students.

To use these templates, simply click the image below, set up your free trial, and off you go! You will be the superstar teacher at your school in no time—and your IT department will love that you’re integrating technology into the classroom.

This template gives the basic information about clauses and conjunctions in a fun multimedia format—perfect for middle school language arts! It also includes a catchy song and visual explanations for students who have a hard time understanding the plain text. There’s a quiz built in to gauge your students’ understanding and to give them some practice.

Learn All About Independent Clauses

Continue the lesson on clauses with this template covering subordinate clauses, subordinating conjunctions, and relative pronouns. This one also includes a fun song and a visual explanation along with a short quiz, and we’ve included helpful lists to remind students of those useful pronouns and conjunctions.

Learn More About Subordinate Clauses

Free lesson plans are always a win, and delivering engaging content to students is a definite win.

If you don’t teach language arts, don’t worry. We’re featuring free lesson plans in middle school social studies, math, and science in the next few weeks, and we’ll even have some high school content in the future!

If you need some help using these templates, we can help you out! Just click here.