Some teachers love lesson planning. I haven’t actually met any of those teachers, but I’ve heard they exist. For the rest of you, get ready for a little celebratory dance. We’ve got some more free lesson plans for you! We’re giving you a full lesson for your math class and you don’t have to do any of the work.

Why should you use our lesson plans?

  • They’ve already been made, so you can take a night off!

  • They’re fun and engaging for students—that’s the best way to learn.

  • Multimedia content is a great way to address different learning styles.

  • All of the materials for the lesson can be delivered in one little package.

  • They’re free!

You can use our free lesson plans no matter what your subject is. If you’re not a math teacher, you might be interested in our science, language arts, or social studies lesson plans. Let us know in the comments what you like about them and what you’d like to see in the future—after all, we make them just for you.


The Basics Of Fractions

Ah, the bane of sixth-grade math class: fractions. Back then I was convinced that fractions were invented to ruin my straight-A streak, but as an adult I can appreciate the importance of understanding how fractions work. We found some great videos from Math Antics to help explain all of the basics of fractions, and there are some fun little math games that students can play against each other.

With this template, students can rewatch the videos’ examples and replay the games to get some extra practice with fractions at their own pace. If you spend ½ of your time in class teaching the material and ½ of your time answering questions, just send the Ving as homework so you can spend ½ more of your time playing fun math games!

The Basics of Fractions


Decimals & Percentages

Once your students understand fractions, they can advance to some more really useful math: decimals and percentages. Since they go hand in hand, they’re great lessons to teach together. These can get a bit tricky, but with some catchy songs and challenging games, you’ll have no problem helping your students understand. Give this template a try if you want to teach your students with engaging content and none of the work of lesson planning!

Decimals & Percentages


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