6/7/16 7:00 AM Tony DeAscentis, CEO


More often than not, those of us who are involved in the technology industry, think about the concept of – ‘What If You Could’… We talk about what will be the outcome when enterprise communication tools are able to effectively track and provide real-time insights on enterprise engagement levels. We think about organizations who then will be able to create a responsive and collaborative environment. And, we imagine that across the enterprise – from the C-suite to sales directors and training departments to human resources – companies can then monitor engagement levels so that they know what is and is not working as they effectively and efficiently communicate with employees, colleagues and customers.


Thinking along these lines – then what if you could mitigate corporate risk by knowing in real-time those employees who are and are not on track with training? What if you could share and collaborate across the enterprise important company news and initiatives? And what if you could identify disengaged customers and proactively reach out to them to keep their business?


With solutions like Ving, you can increase productivity and accountability, and with its communications and enterprise engagement tracking platform available on the Google Apps Marketplace, you can leverage the platform across the enterprise for compliance monitoring and improved engagement. Only then can you truly drive performance for competitive advantage.


Today, the “what if you could” scenarios once thought to be impossible are now possible. By using Ving to create trackable, digital packets, which can be used with Docs, Sheets, Slides, Drive and more, and shared through multiple communication tools, you know the best way to reach a certain group of individuals, who watched your video, what types of surveys get the highest response rate, and the most effective way to share information.


Technology solutions like Ving are making these connections that were once thought impossible, possible. And if you want to gain a competitive advantage, the time is now to make “what if you could” a reality within your enterprise so that you, too, can improve engagement, mitigate corporate risk, build loyalty, and drive performance.


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