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Do you know what it takes to grab the attention and engage all of your employees? It’s time to consider what the differences are between your older and younger employees. Over time, workplace practices and expectations have to change to meet the needs and demands of the future workforce.


Could you imagine if Apple came out with the first iPhone and never made an update? What if we were all still working on the original Windows computer? Your training, onboarding, and communication needs to update with the times.


Check out these 3 simple changes you can make in your workplace to appeal to members of your future workforce.


Growth Opportunities

95% of people think they need to be learning new skills—even in their current job—in order to stay relevant and to be a valuable employee (source). This is especially true for millennials. Are you providing opportunities for growth and education? Perhaps more importantly, do your employees know about the opportunities available to them? This is a great way to ensure employee retention, and it’s also an effective strategy for job recruitment.


Advanced Technology

Technology in the workplace is vital to efficiency and engagement for many members of the future workforce. Communication and organization are two of the most common and basic areas that should be upgraded to digital systems. Younger workers are likely to view your systems as outdated and inefficient if everything is done on paper. You need to make the time to make some changes in technology. You might feel like your workload is overloaded now, but just some small steps toward modernization can lead to huge successes and innovation.


Valuable Feedback

One of the most underrated workplace communication tools is feedback. Are you giving enough of it? Feedback is something that new and young employees desire more than older generations. Seasoned employees may be used to working independently and only seeking feedback if there’s a problem, but more frequent input on employee progress is important for improvement and retention. Make sure to point out a job well done and just vocalise what you notice on the job. The smallest amounts of feedback can be more significant than you realize.


These are just a few of the small changes that you can make in your workplace to accommodate the future workforce. This is a great way to modernize the workflow and prepare for future innovations. Starting small can lead to surprising results down the road.


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