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Happy Friday everyone! Today we are bringing you a quick tip from Ving and SafT Integration. Every year you are required to tell your employees where they can find their required medical test. Every year you print off a lot of paper, you call people into the office, you read them the policy, and they sign off on it. This is not only boring it is costly! 

Welcome to 2018! Now you can use one of our templates to share the policy and get employees to sign off. Think of all the money and time you will save not having to pull people off of a job.

To use the template:

  1. Click here.
  2. Update the text box with where your records are kept.
  3. Mark the Ving verified (this will require them to login).
  4. Share it to your employees via email or phone.

Without ever leaving your desk your employees can sign off on this annual task.

Remember posting requirement violations can cost you more than $12K in OSHA fines (source). Click below to use our template today.




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