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How To: Engage Your Disengaged Employees


Disengaged employees impact company outcomes, like profits and retention rates, in a big way. Find out how to engage your employees today.

With constant activities that keep us distracted throughout the day — keeping even your best employees from being productive. From Twitter notifications to text messages, how do you keep your employees engaged? We are here to help you address these distractions and increase office engagement.

Eliminating the distractions can be nearly impossible. So let’s look at some statistics that can help increase overall engagement.

Understanding a few percentages

Check out the following statistics from a fascinating infographic created by that discusses the reasons for and ramifications of engaged versus disengaged employees:

  1. 69% of employees would work harder if they were better recognized for their performance and achievements.
  2. 49% of employees said they would leave their current job in a heartbeat for a company that clearly recognized employees for their efforts and contributions.
  3. 89% of engaged employees believe their managers will advocate for them in front of customers and upper management.
  4. An overwhelming majority (84%) of United States employees claim that their relationship with their boss is the number one determining factor for whether they try to move up in the company or find work elsewhere.

Stop guessing and start knowing what engages your employees with Ving!

These 4 stats give us 2 areas to work on today.

  • Recognition

Make sure you recognize employees for a job well done. When a project is completed, congratulate them. With this recognition comes feedback. Don’t be afraid to tell your employees where they can improve. Your employees want something to work toward.

  • Management

With recognition comes a professional relationship between an employee and their boss/manager. Employees want to know that you have their back. An employee that knows they have your support will go out on a limb for you! It is a give and take.

Check out this eBook to learn more about how you can communicate recognition and better your relationship with your employees/manager through video. Ving takes you from guessing what’s working to knowing what’s working.

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