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9/26/16 4:58 PM Rebecca Whittenberger

With the digital tool of interactive video email, sales teams can improve their performance.

Remember the days when a salesperson came to your house, knocked on your door, and tried to sell you a new vacuum cleaner?

If you don’t, you’re not alone. Many people don’t recall the days of cold calls and sales people canvassing neighborhoods trying to sell everything from sweepers to new windows.

Sales has a long history, and a lot has changed in the past few decades. If you are familiar with the old technique, it might be from an old I Love Lucy episode — the one where Lucy gets visited by a salesman and ends up buying the new vacuum cleaner, plus all the attachments, because she can’t say no to his pitch.


Increasing your reach with new business tools

Today’s sales teams have modernized their sales and marketing techniques in order to spread out and target a wider range of customers. These techniques on how to improve sales include the use of cutting-edge tools such as interactive video email.

Interactive email is a cost-effective way to create attention-grabbing digital messages, engage staff and potential customers, and track viewer responses and activity. With this digital tool, sales teams can improve their performance in the following ways:

    • Personally train your sales team to connect with prospects
    • Make your sales pitch stand out from typical print mailers and static emails
    • Customize your sales message for each individual customer


Boosting training and revenue with Ving

Better training for your sales team and connecting with prospects and customers are two of the main reasons why Ving is the perfect tool for sales.

Kathy Cottrill is a sales director for Mary Kay cosmetics and regularly uses Ving to communicate with her sales consultants. “Most of my sales force is across the country,” says Cottrill, “so it’s hard for me to get that visual “eye-to-eye” time that I need with them. With Ving I can send them individual messages and inspire, educate, and motivate them and let them know that I’m really in the game with them.”

Cottrill emphasizes that Ving is a valuable group tool as well. “I use it across the board for the whole team,” she adds. “Once a week I create a Ving, and they are anticipating it now. It’s educational, things that they need to know, and it’s just a great tool that gets them face to face with me." She also enthusiastically credits an increase in revenue to her use of Ving.

Start using this cutting edge, interactive video email tool and improve your sales performance, too!

What other kinds of technology tools have helped improve your sales performance?


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