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Just a twenty-minute nap can be one of the best employee engagement ideas.

Most days when I am getting back from lunch the first thing I think of is… “I want to nap.” Author Michael Hyatt, reassures me that I am not alone. Hyatt, and a list of celebrities are habitual nappers. “President John F. Kennedy ate his lunch in bed and then settled in for a nap—every day!” Who doesn't want to be a little bit more like JFK? Right!? 

Napping is seriously no joke. Our friends over at The Sleep Judge wrote a great piece on napping, where to nap, and even how to nap!

Breaking from your daily work routine is one of many excellent employee engagement ideas, and napping is just one example. OfficeVibe recently shared an excellent infographic (check it out below).

9 Ways To Be More Productive (Infographic)

Flex Time

Working overtime may give an employee more hours to work, but those hours are spent being less productive. Some great employee engagement ideas for your busy weeks are actually aimed at working less. Try sending your employees home an hour early on Friday. If you know your employees are not “morning people” try giving them a late morning. A gifted hour can really put the pep back in your employee's step. You can even try allowing your employees to have some flex time in their schedule. This will allow them to go home when they are feeling less productive and come in early when they are ready and motivated.


Allowing your employees to take a daily nap is science. Hyatt said, “Numerous medical studies have shown workers becoming increasingly unproductive as the day wears on. But a 2002 Harvard University study demonstrated a 30-minute nap boosted the performance of workers, returning their productivity to beginning-of-the-day levels.” This may prove to be a challenge in many work environments, consider this alternative. Set up “quiet spaces” where your team members may go to to have some quiet time. It may not be as restful as a full out nap time, but it addresses the need for team members to get some meaningful downtime to recharge. This space could have diffused lighting, more comfortable seating, etc. I would definitely make this space “technology free”, so there are no distractions.

Natural Light

Northwestern researcher Ivy Cheung, proved that workers who worked near a window are more likely to get a better nights rest. A better nights rest means a more alert employee. Some more great employee engagement ideas, so you have alert employees, are to have a work at the park day, or a walk around town. Allow your employees to change it up and work from their favorite “window friendly” location.

Your employees are your best resource. Make sure that you are keeping your employees engaged! To check out some more employee engagement ideas check out another one of my favorite blogs on employee engagement. No matter what idea you pick make sure to create a Ving and share it with other employees or clients. Your best clients are the ones that you have the best relationship with. Get everyone involved today!


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