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Top 5 Trends Among Ving's Community Of Users — Big Positive Impacts From Changes Within Reach

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8/19/14 3:00 AM Rebecca Whittenberger

Why do we go to educational events to share the news about Ving? Because educators can't afford not to invest in student engagement, and building better school-home connections are vital for student success.

This summer has been a busy one. We've been going here and there showing educators all the tremendous benefits of Ving and how they can use it to improve connections between home and the classroom.

Check out our latest press release to see what we've been up to lately.

Las Vegas, Local School Districts Get Acquainted with Ving

Via680 CEO Tony DeAscentis went to Las Vegas for the 4th Annual National PowerSchool User Group (PSUG) Information Exchange & Vendor Expo on July 21-24. PSUG is a PowerSchool User Group Conference put on by everyday education officials and teachers using PowerSchool software in their school districts.


At this conference, DeAscentis spoke of the importance of using technology to create a stronger connection with parents and students. Ving is an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) partner with Pearson Schools.


Studies show strong ties between the home and school as clear indicators of student success. According to Gates Education, 84% of teachers say having parents involved at school or with school activities will help their child succeed. DeAscentis demonstrated how Ving technology clearly creates a stronger connection between both teachers and students and teachers and parents. Educators use Ving to make messages personable, creative, fun, and effective.


Ving also works seamlessly with tools that teachers are already using. On August 5th, Ving Success Representative Karen Bell, along with via680 COO Stephanie Hunter, and Account Executive Derek McLhinney, spoke on this same topic at Boardman School District’s Education Technology Fair.


“Teachers are seeking additional ways to create important connections with their students both in and outside of their classroom,” said Hunter. “With students working at different paces, Ving offers teachers a way to increase engagement through video, audio, documents, images, and quick surveys. Ving is smart messaging that provides practical information, allowing the teachers to see student progress through an assignment in real-time.”


Supervisor of Instructional Technology/IM Todd Smith hopes this fair filled Boardman teachers’ education toolbox with all the right tools.


Many Boardman teachers were in attendance at the education tech fair, including some that are already using Ving. Smith sees Ving as a way for teachers to build a strong bond with their students and share course material.


Ving can be used in the classroom on desktop computers, iPads, iPhones, Chromebooks, and Android devices.



About Via680

Our goal is to redefine the expectations people have of their everyday digital communication tools. We believe the tools you use to share files, audio, video and documents and more should do more than just move data from point A to point B; they should be smart. Smart enough to collect practical information that you can apply and make improvements to your digital communication style each and every time you send a message. It’s all about creating the strongest possible connection with your audience (whether they are business professionals or students) to produce better outcomes.

About Pearson

As the industry leader in SIS and performance solutions, Pearson offers schools and districts access to deep expertise and an unparalleled selection of technologies that address the challenges of achievement, reporting, growth and scalability. Our student information systems enable schools and districts to leverage technology to ease reporting burdens, open up lines of communication, and simplify internal processes, such as scheduling and grading.