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Ergonomics is the study of human performance as it relates to the comfortable usage of our workspace and tools. For millions of workers, these tools are none other than an office chair, a monitor, a keyboard and a mouse.


While these objects aren't typically considered workplace hazards, desk-based professionals are at risk for labor related injuries. Repetitive motion and stress can lead to serious Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs), making ergonomics a critical factor in workplace safety.


Ergonomic health hazards can be avoided when work environments are analyzed and adapted. With the right training you can make office ergonomics an important topic that is on your employees minds.


We have a program that helps you adapt jobs to make them safer and train your employees to work in ways to protect them from injury.


Utilize this video training and the accompanying guide to start developing your ergonomics safety program.


5 short lessons on office ergonomics