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Top 5 Trends Among Ving's Community Of Users — Big Positive Impacts From Changes Within Reach

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5/4/12 9:32 AM Rebecca Whittenberger

Video_IconVideo email provides new ways to enhance daily conversations both in business and our personal lives.

Online video sharing is on the rise. According to a report from the Pew Internet and American Life Project, 71% of adults were using video sharing sites such as YouTube in 2011. This is an increase from just 66% in 2010.

Businesses are also starting to use video in their marketing efforts. The incorporation of video into email has increased click through rates (CTR) by 100% to 200% according to research conducted by Forrester. The age of video communication is clearly upon us.

Improving communication with new innovations

Beyond sharing funny videos on Facebook and marketing products, video represents a whole new way to improve day-to-day communication. FaceTime and Skype have brought us the opportunity to see each other when we are having a discussion.

These video platforms give us a feel of face-to-face conversations at a distance. It is truly remarkable. But what if the person isn’t there when we call?

It’s great to have the opportunity to record a video and send it so it can be viewed when it’s a convenient time for the person that is receiving your message, but there are a couple of issues:

  • Using standard email, videos have to be shortened so there are some limitations about what you can say. There are file size limitations.
  • Videos that are posted to social media are available to everyone, so while larger file sizes are allowed, it’s not a good place to post personal messages.
  • There are also times when we’d like to know if someone received our message. When we send a message, we are left wondering if they got it, read it and understood it.

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Making email communication easier

Ving was created by via680 to make it easy for people to create personal messages with video and send them through email without length restrictions and also provide automatic notification if someone interacted with that message.

In this way, people can leave video messages that are fully interactive and improve communication, collaboration, and understanding. A rich, multimedia message is created in one application. Documents, videos, and interactive survey questions can be tied together in one place where people interact with your message. This is excellent for collaboration and information sharing.

Making your messages outstanding

It is exciting to see where multimedia communication is heading. The internet has empowered us to create and distribute ideas and content. With this opportunity, there has been an overwhelming amount of information.

We all need tools that make it easy to create new, fresh, unique content in order to cut through the clutter. Interactive video email allows your message to stand out and make your email communications effective.