4/2/14 3:00 AM Rebecca Whittenberger

news about VingAre you looking for a dynamic, small business communication tool? See how the Small Business Bonfire showcased Ving this week!

The Small Business Bonfire showcased Ving as their “Red Hot Tool of the Week!”

We love how this company highlighted all of our product's major features in addition to our small business compatibility. Check out how they featured us!

(A social, educational, and collaborative community for entrepreneurs, the Small Business Bonfire offers support and advice to small business owners.)

Smarter messaging with Ving solves problems.


When writing emails, we assume others think about and perceive things the way we do. The truth is that 50% of emails are misunderstood.

With Ving, effortlessly leverage the power of video, audio, surveys, images, and even text in one visually appealing and engaging packet of information. Now you can adjust your digital communication style and reach your contacts in a way that appeals to them.


We spend 28 hours a week in our mailboxes digging, reading, and sorting. That’s a lot of wasted time when 40% of emails are ignored anyway.

Not only does Ving eliminate the barriers of email miscommunication by making messages easier to understand, it also ensures your messages are more engaging. By sending messages you know your contacts will relate to, you decrease the odds of being ignored.


Digital communication hasn’t evolved much in the last 20 years, but our needs as communicators certainly have. There is little to no feedback, as blocks of thought are created and sent and you’re left wondering if anyone’s listening.

Ving works for you by automatically gathering, aggregating, and formatting information that proves your digital communication effectiveness.

Want to give our business communication tool a spin? Try Ving free!


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