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Forrester describes sales enablement as a strategy to equip your sales team that connects with customers with information that is relevant and better for them.

Okay now we know “What is sales enablement?” but “why should we care?”

The better equipped your sales team is to answer a customer's question in the field the more prepared and confident they will be in selling your product — that is where Ving plays a part.

What is Ving?

For those who don’t know let me catch you up to speed on what Ving is. Ving is a tool that allows you to create trackable digital packets of information — also called Vings. These packets can be shared with anyone, anywhere.

But what does this have to do with sales enablement?

Ving is your tool for improved sales enablement. Research from Highspot states that, “Companies with sales enablement tools reported revenue increases surpassing their peers. More than 75 percent of respondents from companies using sales enablement tools reported that their company’s sales had increased over the past 12 months.”

It is time to get started and build product Vings to put in your arsenal. These are Vings are ready for your sales reps for when they are talking to your customers.

How To Create Your Arsenal

Start small. Have your director/manager (because they have all the files and product information) create one product Ving at a time. Once they have been created you can share them with the entire team using our template system. Learn more about how to create and share templates here.

Now it is time to go log into your Ving accounts and put these tips to practice. If you need any help at all please feel free to chat one of the Ving Success team members on any page! We are ready and happy to help get you on the right path to closing more deals.