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Change doesn’t come easy. Making the switch to online training can be a big step for some workplaces, especially for those who utilize training materials often. They are used to the way it has always been. 


There are some great benefits to using online training delivery methods. For example, delivering training in smaller segments and allowing employees to learn at their own pace are two highly effective strategies.


To help you get started with upgrading to online training delivery methods, here a few key points to consider:


  • What kind of training is needed?
  • What will the content cover?
  • Do you already have the content in another format that can be converted?
  • Do you need to purchase custom training materials?
  • How will it be delivered?
  • At what frequency does the training need to be delivered?
  • Does every employee have access to a computer?
  • Are there computer stations provided in the workplace?
  • How will you monitor progress and completion?



All of these questions should be answered in order to find the best training solution for your employees. For example: if some employees do not have regular computer access, you will need to provide at least one computer in the workplace for training use. If you already have content that needs to be converted, you will need someone to perform that task.

Every workplace is unique and must be given careful consideration before a new system can be implemented. Use these key points as a guideline to help you think through your needs before deciding on a specific solution.


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