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What Your Online Safety Training May Be Missing

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Anyone who manages employee training knows that all training materials are not equal. We’ve discussed the benefits of online training solutions quite a bit, but there is still so much variation in the options. It’s easy to get used to something that’s been in place for a while, so maybe you haven’t considered what could be lacking in your training. Here we’ve outlined some key features of online training platforms that your current program might be missing.


Content Options

Most training platforms offer premade content for you to deliver to your employees; and, unless you’re a very large company with the capability of creating all of the training that employees need, creating your own content isn’t a real option.


For many employers, the ideal training solution is a platform that has several content options, including premade content, custom content creation features, and the ability to alter premade content to suit your company’s goals.


Universal Playability

Technology is more prevalent each day, and there’s a good chance that most or all of your employees have a smartphone, tablet, and/or personal computer. Why restrict them to one workstation for all of their training when you could let them choose to review information on their phones on the couch, in the break room, or anywhere that’s convenient for them? People are becoming more mobile, technology is becoming more mobile, and so employee training should be made mobile to fit into busy lives.


Quick, Convenient Delivery

If you look at how online employee training is typically structured, you’ll probably find that employees must log in to a portal to access the material and view notifications; or maybe some of this is shared by email. Wouldn’t it be great if you could choose when and where each employee receives their training materials? For instance, time sensitive information could be sent as an SMS message to cell phones, or less urgent messages could be emailed or posted in a portal.


Sharing Security Settings

Some content in safety training may be confidential and only meant to be accessed by company personnel or only one specific recipient. When you create the content, you should be able to choose the sharing security options. This means that sensitive information can remain private, and you can choose whether the information can be shared externally.


Some of these may seem like far-off ideals that can’t all be found in a realistic, affordable solution; but you might be surprised at how far training technology has come since the days of instructor-based classroom sessions.


If your current online safety training isn’t doing everything you want it to, then why are you still using it? These features and many more can be found in our product. Schedule a quick chat with one of our Ving safety experts today to discuss how Ving can work for you!


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