Students love mobile devices—tablets, smartphones, laptops—and they’re really good at using them. As of 2015, 87% of American teens owned or had access to a computer, and 73% of teens had a smartphone (source). When I was in high school, students caught using mobile devices in class were given detention and their devices were confiscated until parents came to pick them up from the principal’s office. I had a flip phone then, by the way. Technological advancement demands modernized attitudes. We can’t—and shouldn’t—keep devices out of the classroom.

Teachers must not only accept technology as part of classroom engagement, they must embrace it. Don’t just deal with it; use it. Here are a few ideas on how you can enhance your student engagement strategies by using more technology with your students.


Replace Paper With Multimedia Content

Save the trees! Also, your students probably aren’t reading that ©1982 textbook with torn, yellowed pages and broken binding. Not all schools have laptops and tablets for classroom use, but if you have them you should definitely be using them. There are so many ways that you can incorporate technology into your daily teaching routine. Why should you? It’s more efficient (especially for the teachers) and it’s more engaging and versatile than a piece of paper. Modernize your student engagement strategies with these easy tips.



Assign readings and videos online. You don’t have to teach outdated content in the form of textbooks if you have technology available to use for your class. There are tons and tons of great resources online for educators. From subject-specific content to creative delivery methods, the internet has you covered. You can actually assign readings, post videos, and create quizzes all in one Ving for your students—everything your students need to complete their homework all in one place!

This also means that the content isn’t stuck in previous decades. You can pull from the latest online resources for any assignments so that your students are actually learning from good, modern sources in fresh formats. 


Post homework online. Gone are the days of students asking what the homework assignments are and when they’re due. Students can access online assignments from any computer (no forgetting to bring the papers home!) and their homework can be completed entirely online (no mysterious loss of files or chewed-up papers!).

Paperless homework has those obvious benefits, but the best reason for going digital is that you can assign quizzes and essays all in the same place as those assigned readings and videos! Students only have to open one Ving to get all of the information they need in one place. If that’s not convenient, I don’t know what is.


Coordinate group work online. Group work no longer depends on students finding times and places to physically meet up. Collaboration is easier than ever with modern technology, so it’s really beneficial for everyone to collaborate online. Here at Ving, basically everything we do is collaborating online. We know firsthand how convenient it is!

By going online with your classroom content, you’re maximizing efficiency, convenience, and engagement. Sure, technology can be a distraction, but you can take that and mold it into something beneficial for your students. Modernize your student engagement strategies this year—we’ll help you!


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