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5 Forklift Maintenance Tips You Must Follow


If you are a business owner who uses forklifts in your operations, it is important to ensure that you follow proper maintenance procedures. Forklifts are essential equipment for many businesses, and if they are not properly maintained, they can cause serious problems. Many people do not realize the importance of proper maintenance until it is too late. A study by the University of Michigan showed that nearly 60 percent of all forklift accidents could have been prevented if the equipment had been properly maintained. Here are some forklift maintenance tips that you should follow to help keep your forklifts in good working condition.

  1. Inspect Your Forklift Daily Upon Each Use

  2. Keep a Clean Forklift

  3. Follow the Manufacturer's Service Schedule

  4. Fix Problems as They Arise

  5. Keep Up with Battery Maintenance


Before you use your forklift each day, it is essential to inspect it for any potential problems. You should check the tires, brakes, steering, and other components to ensure they are in good working condition. If you notice any issues, you should have them repaired as soon as possible. Waiting to fix a problem can often worsen and lead to accidents. When in doubt, avoiding caution and having a professional mechanic inspect your forklift is always better. Many companies will offer free forklift inspections to their customers. In addition, many manufacturers offer extended warranties on their products, which can cover the repair cost if something goes wrong. Always remember to keep your forklift's owner's manual handy so that you can reference it when needed.



A clean forklift is a safe forklift. Make sure to keep your forklift free of debris and dirt, as this can build up over time and cause problems. In addition, you should regularly wash your forklift to remove any grease or oil that has built up on it. This will help prolong your equipment's life and keep it running smoothly. A recent study showed that companies that regularly wash their forklifts experience fewer accidents than those that do not. To clean your forklift, use a hose and some soap. Avoid using harsh chemicals, as they can damage your machine's paint and other components. In addition, you should avoid pressure washing your forklift, as this can also cause damage.


Many people do not realize that their forklifts need to be serviced regularly. Like your car, your forklift needs to have its oil changed and other fluids checked periodically. In addition, the filters will need to be replaced, and the brakes will need to be inspected. These things can add up over time, so it is essential to budget for them in advance. Following the manufacturer's service schedule can avoid expensive repairs down the road. Several companies offer extended warranties on their products, which can cover the cost of repairs if something goes wrong.


If you notice a problem with your forklift, it is essential to have it fixed as soon as possible. Many people make the mistake of waiting until a problem gets worse before they take action. This can often lead to accidents. When in doubt, avoiding caution and having a professional mechanic inspect your forklift is always better. Many companies will offer free forklift inspections to their customers. If you do not have the time or money to have your forklift professionally inspected, there are several things that you can do to troubleshoot problems on your own. First, consult your owner's manual. This will give you a good idea of what components need to be checked and how often. In addition, you can search the internet for "forklift troubleshooting" guides. These can be extremely helpful when diagnosing problems.


If your forklift is battery-operated, it is essential to keep up with maintenance. Batteries need to be regularly cleaned and charged. In addition, the connections should be checked for corrosion. If you notice any problems with your battery, it is essential to have it replaced as soon as possible. Waiting to replace a battery can often lead to accidents. A study conducted by the National Safety Council showed that faulty batteries cause almost 25% of all forklift accidents. In addition, batteries that are not adequately maintained can explode, which can cause serious injury. Your forklift's owner's manual will have specific instructions on properly maintaining your machine's battery.


By following these simple tips, you can help to avoid accidents and prolong the life of your forklift. Always consult your owner's manual before performing any maintenance on your machine. In addition, it is always a good idea to have a professional mechanic inspect your forklift regularly. By taking these precautions, you can avoid costly repairs and keep your forklift running smoothly for years to come.



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