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We pride ourselves in having some of the best partners working with us to bring you some of the best content and tools. Today we are showcasing some videos that Greg Safran from SafT Integrations put together to keep workplace safety training top of mind with his clients.

Greg is a perfect example of how easy it is to create your own safety content and or add any other job specific information to your Ving library. He finds the process simple and effective.

  1. First Greg uses his iPhone (you can use whatever device you have) to record a short video. His videos cover a training topic that matters to his clients. His personal touch really connects with his clients.  There are no special steps or editing — he simply adds it to his Ving much like attaching a document to an email.  

  2. Then he adds a few simple questions right in Ving! He can mark the correct answers or leave them un-scored to gather employee feedback.

  3. Now he is ready to blast it out to employees and clients. The Ving platform does the rest of the work tracking who got, read, watched, and opened the packet. Ving also gives each employee a red/green/yellow with a score to let Greg know who is properly trained. All results are automatically recorded to your Ving dashboard so Greg can easily search and find exactly what he needs to know.






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  • CEO Uses Ving to Improve Business Performace

  • Manufacturing Company Uses Ving for Quality Control and Job Specific Instruction

  • Humtown Products targets improvements in shop floor communications and employee productivity with Ving.


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  • Boardman Local Schools — Ving Success Story

  • Ving helps Boardman Local Schools improve the administrative and professional development communications.



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  • Annum a Ving Success Story

  • On a search to improve prospect and customer communication, Annum found Ving. They now know where to spend their time and how to improve their communication, adding more time back into their day and qualifying more leads.

    Between working with channel partners and drumming up new business, Debbie Dexter is very busy working in Business Development Nationwide at Annum. She works with channel partners of all different sizes like Cigna, Aetna, and United. It is important that she have a personal connection with all of her partners, prospects, and customers. As she increases the size of their audience, it is important to maintain their level of personalization while keeping the Annum mission in tact.

    Listen to Debbie talk a little bit more about the Annum mission: 


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  • Trackable Training Packets Help Company Save Thousands — A Ving Success Story

  • Ving helped Brea Rodgers and her company save time, money, and efforts within a month of using the tool for training.

    Brea Rodgers calls herself the “Office God,” even though her business card reads Executive Assistant for a local financial services company. When she heard about Ving, she quickly chatted online with the Ving team to learn more about using the tool to deliver training to new hires.



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  • Junior Achievement of Mahoning Valley a Ving Success Story

  • With an improved training program, Nicole is able to focus on recruiting and growing their volunteer base as well as providing the best experience for all partners.


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