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Trackable Training Packets Help Company Save Thousands — A Ving Story


Ving helped Brea Rodgers and her company save time, money, and efforts within a month of using the tool for training.

Brea Rodgers calls herself the “Office God,” even though her business card reads Executive Assistant for a local financial services company. When she heard about Ving, she quickly chatted online with the Ving team to learn more about using the tool to deliver training to new hires.





Historically, training was spread across a 12-week period, with 1 training class per week. Each class consisted of 1 hour of training material followed by a Q&A period. This method also required a senior level employee to travel and train the new hires on site — taking time out of their schedules and incurring additional travel expenses. When Rodgers found out that Ving could allow her to share videos, files, and surveys and track them — she was sold.


“When we started using Ving, the 12 weeks to get started turned into a 'weekend binge-watching Netflix' session.” Rodgers continued, “This is a huge time saver and allows people to get started working quicker.”


Before Ving, Brea would try to schedule group training sessions but employees would have to wait to get started since everyone needed to begin together — and this could take time. Now employees can make their own training schedule and Rodgers gets real-time analytics to show her who has completed the training.


Each training session would require a senior employee to give up 4 hours of their normal work day — which equated to about $1,000 in revenue.


Getting Started With A Ving Training Program

Brea Rodgers felt the setup was time-consuming but also warranted because of the plethora of information required during initial setup needed.

“My initial experience was an overwhelming feeling of drowning in videos,” said Rodgers. “Even though it is just 12 sessions, each session has 1 hour of video and other information to go along with that.”

Rodgers wasn’t drowning for long. She said the Ving Success team was there to help her get her entire training program up and running.

From an onboarding system that took months and lots of company dollars, Rodgers has created a self-paced individualized training, saving everyone time and money. This new system also allows new employees to get started and up and running in their sales a lot quicker.

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