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CEO Uses Ving to Improve Business Performance



Video Transcription Below

Hello, I'm George Davis from ProBuilt Homes in Cleveland, Ohio. I wanted to take a few minutes to talk to you about how I made the decision to use Ving to improve the overall communication of my business.


A lot has happened here at my company as we've grown from building maybe 15 homes a year till now where we're doing about 50 homes a year. We found it was just impossible for me to be in front of every prospect, every client, all the trades, suppliers, and employees. There just wasn't enough time in the day for me to go to all those meetings and still give the personalized attention that I want my company to have—where everybody knows the owner.


So in working with an executive coach, he suggested that I look into Ving! I did and I was like, "Oh man, this is what I need." So then I started on the journey of purchasing the program and sort of figuring out all the different ways I wanted to use it in my business.


And here's what I've learned. We're using Ving for four things inside my company.


The first thing we're doing is prospecting. So, when a customer comes through an open house or calls in, we get their email address and we have four videos that we sendthat I created. It's me talking to them, introducing myself, talking about the company, talking about our value proposition, explaining to them why budget's important, and why it's good for them to share their budget with us. And then also talking to them about warranty and how we're good at the warranty. That's the first thing we used Ving for and it's been great.


When I finally knew Ving was worth it was the first time I came into the office and a customer that had just signed with us was like, "Oh my gosh, I feel like I already know you. I've gotten your videos." That let me know that I was making an impact on the prospects.


The second thing we use Ving for is client communications. What we've always experienced here is the fact that customers don't really listen to what we say and they show up not prepared. So before every meeting that we have, we send the client a Ving talking about what's going to happen in the meeting and what they need to be prepared for.


A couple of good examples of that is the pre-job. We explain that this is the most important meeting. It's going to take a couple of hours, and it's a good time to get a babysitter because it's important that both spouses be there and we have their full attention. The other thing: another good example of Ving is the electrical walk-through. I can't tell you how many times people show up without winter coats. Up here in Ohio in the winter time, it's cold. So the electrical walk-through video reminds them to dress for the weather.  It explains to them there are no lights in the house. It tells them to think about furniture placement and where they're going to put TVs and where they'd want switches. So Ving has been really, really good to help prepare our clients. Even our construction managers have noticed a difference because there was a lot of time wasted before when clients were not ready for those meetings.


The next area we use Ving for is team communications. So, we've used it to outline deficiencies. For example, we were having issues with our tile contractors not properly caulking and grouting tile showers. So we did a Ving where we explained those procedures. We've used Ving to talk about silk fence and silt sock and what we should and shouldn't do around it. Then we use Ving to thank the trades when they really killed it for us. Like we recently completed a model home in four months, and so we sent a Ving out thanking them all for their efforts. So it's been really good for communications with our full team, our employees, our trades, and our suppliers.


Then lastly, we're using the Ving safety program. I'm not sure about you guys, but here in Ohio with my workers comp group writing program, we are supposed to be doing safety training on a monthly basis with all the employees. That was really hard to do. We had to gather all the employees up at the office and try to take a half hour plus the drive time.


So each of those meetings was probably costing us threemaybe four—hundred dollars in labor hours just to have the meeting. And it really wasn't that good because we were sort of self-leading that training. And so with Ving we send the videos, each employee has to watch the video, we know that they've watched it, there's a quiz at the end and the video was very professional and does a much better job of safety training.


So Ving has been really good for our company. I encourage you to look into it; I think Ving can make a difference for you as well. Thank you. 

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