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Annum a Ving Success Story


On a search to improve prospect and customer communication, Annum found Ving. They now know where to spend their time and how to improve their communication, adding more time back into their day and qualifying more leads.

Between working with channel partners and drumming up new business, Debbie Dexter is very busy working in Business Development Nationwide at Annum. She works with channel partners of all different sizes like Cigna, Aetna, and United. It is important that she have a personal connection with all of her partners, prospects, and customers. As she increases the size of their audience, it is important to maintain their level of personalization while keeping the Annum mission in tact.

Listen to Debbie talk a little bit more about the Annum mission: 



Addressing The Communication Problem

Debbie Dexter already knew about Ving, but the timing and problem wasn't quite right at her previous job. In her new position, she quickly realized that Ving was the tool she needed to communicate with her prospects and partners. Debbie spends most days sending loads of emails, making phone calls, and attending meetings—just like most in her position. 

Listen to Debbie talk about the problem she was facing and how Ving helped her overcome that problem:


Robust Follow Up 

We all know that personalized communication is best; however, maintaining that level of personalization on a grand scale can be difficult. Ving allows you to make a template, copy, revise, and share; saving you time with each invitation sent out. Better yet, thanks to the analytics, it saves her team time because she knows which of her prospects are most engaged and which might need a friendly reminder.

Listen as Debbie talks about how she handles follow-up communication with Ving:


With the ease of Google integration and the help of the Ving Success Manager assigned to her company, she was able to jump-start her onboarding and start using Ving almost instantly.

Do you want to improve your meeting follow-up and prospect communication?

Do you want to get more time back in your day?

It is time you contact a Ving sales executive today.

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