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5 Rules To Remember About Space Heaters


It is that time of the year again. The snow is falling and outside the world is looking white and wonderful and cold. Whether you are in an office or warehouse, space heaters are around. Today we are bringing you rules you and your employees should remember about space heaters from the SafT Integration team and Ving.

If you are thinking, "It is a space heater, don't be stupid. End of story." Trust us, some simple reminders will save you in the long run.

One story comes to mind, an employee was simply too close to a propane gas heater and caught his pants on fire. It was months before he was able to return to work, and will forever live with the scars and pain caused by those precious few inches. That is a lot of money and time that could have been saved with just a few simple reminders at the beginning of the year.

OSHA reminds us to...

  1. Keep 36 inch clearance for all electric heater sides, top, and back. Keep flammable materials even further away, and yes, you are flammable. Heaters that use fuel or have open grates require more clearance!

  1. Be careful where you place your heater. Some heaters cannot be placed on wood surfaces. Read the manual to make sure your heater is placed on the correct surface. And of course, don't place your heaters under your desk! That is potentially bad for you and your electronics.

  1. All heaters must be placed on a stable surface, and those with cords should be arranged so no one can trip over it.

  1. Proper ventilation should be present when using a space heater, especially for those working in confined spaces.

  1. Heaters that use a separate tank for fuel should have a direct connection to supply tank.

So there you have it! And to pass on these quick reminders here is a graphic that you can share with your employees today to remind them of these rules about space heaters.


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