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7 Driving Safety Tips For Your Passengers

7 Driving Safety Tips For Your Passengers


Your employees know to stay off their phones but are their passengers being safe? Here are 7 tips for the passengers of the car.

Texting and driving is a huge issue in the United States. According to the National Safety Council, "330,000 injuries occur every year from accidents caused by texting and driving."

It can be easy to blame the driver but what about everyone else in the vehicle.? It can be easy to relax when you are sitting side saddle however it is up to everyone to be safe. So whether your employees are carpooling or driving equipment around in the warehouse, make sure they keep these driving safety tips in mind.

  1. Turn Down The Tunes

It can be easy to get carried away listening to your favorite jam on the radio. This, however, is one of the easiest ways to distract the driver. When listening to music in the car or at work, make sure that you can still hear what is going on outside of the motor vehicle. Missing one horn or yell from a co-worker could cost a life.

  1. Stay Buckled

Many think that because they are not the driver or are in the back seat that they do not need to wear their seat belt — they do. Some states allow riders in the back seat to not wear a seatbelt but that does not mean they should go without. Stay safe and stay buckled.

  1. Avoid Sudden Noises

It can be easy to deep dive into Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Youtube, or even e-mail. While being lost in these virtual worlds don't forget someone is driving. When passing over a puppy video, do not squeal. While reading an email that may upset you — do not scream. These kinds of sudden noises can cause alarm to the driver and may result in an accident.

  1. No Dance Moves

Just like sudden noises, sudden dance moves or pointing can be equally distracting. When giving directions try to use verbal cues and not physical pointing. Avoid passing objects while the vehicle is moving. Any unexpected movement can be a recipe for disaster.

  1. Keep Doors Closed

Even when stopped at a stop sign it is important to keep all doors closed — No Chinese Fire Drills. Even when pulling into a parking spot make sure to not unbuckle or open the doors until the car has come to a complete stop and the vehicle is turned off.

  1. Don't Be Shiny

Even the smallest of items can blind the driver. Be careful to not wear anything that may reflect the sun. Simply turning your hand the wrong way could catch the light off your watch and reflect into the eye of the driver. Sequins on shirts can be a culprit that you may not think about until it happens so be careful when getting dressed for work.

  1. No Groupies

It is very fun to take a groupie (a group picture taken with the front facing camera) with your coworkers — wait till the vehicle is not moving. It can be tempting to want to take a photo and not leave anyone out but that will include the driver. Take a groupie the next time the vehicle is in park for the safest, best photo.

With these 7 simple driving safety tips, your employees will be safe as they commute to work together or navigating around the warehouse.



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