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7 People Who Are Talking About Fall Safety Tips


We are in full holidays swing. I can't be the only person who gets easily distracted around the holiday. In fact, I know I am not. This is the time of year that slips, trips, falls and fires become a huge issue. It is so easy to think you are being safe when your mind is on a thousand other things.


This happens so often that a lot people are talking about it. Here are 7 articles that we think you will enjoy that talk about fall safety tips. We want to encourage you to share these tips with everyone in your office. 

  1. SafeBee’s Top 10 Fall Safety Tips
  2. Enjoy a Safe and Healthy Fall Season
  3. Fall Season Safety Tips
  4. Combat the Changing Season with These Fall Safety Tips
  5. Autumn Health and Safety Tips
  6. Fall Safety Tips
  7. Thanksgiving Safety Tips Your Employees Didn’t Know They Needed


So there you have it 7 blogs filled with tips on how to keep your employees safe during the fall season. Winter is quickly approaching (check out some winter safety tips here), and if you live in a state that can't decide the season from day to day, often there is overlap.


Morning Safety Reminders

It is important to constantly be reminding your employees about these safety tips. An easy way you can do this is with a mobile content delivery tool. What I mean by that is any tool that allows you to deliver content to your employees on their mobile devices. Here are a few for example: Slack, Ving, eMail, and Facebook Workplace.


Applications To Send Reminders

These apps all have different purposes but all have one thing in common. Your employees are using them! Some of these tools will allow you to quickly send a short message (just text) to your employees while others allow you to share videos, questions, and text.


Of course we love Ving the most but that is because Ving can work great with all of these tools. Do your employees hate new things but are okay with regular eMail? That is fine. Put all your content in a Ving and share it with them via regular eMail.


Have a team of younger employees who are just LOVING the Slack app? You can post a Ving in there too.


Ving tracks all the analytics for you so you know which employees are disengaged and at a higher risk of injury.


So start today with just one of these tips. It will be 5 minutes of your time and 2 minutes for your employees. I think we can all agree that at some point today we will waste more than 5 minutes doing something not productive. Turn those 5 minutes into productive minutes with a morning safety reminder.


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