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Are You Using HRIS to Optimize Training?

optimize employee training - blog - july 2019

Over 90 percent of American workers claim they would stay with a company longer if they were provided adequate training and career advancement opportunities. Most business owners invest lots of time and resources when it comes to finding great employees to hire. Using applicant tracking systems like those provided by (ATS) is quite common in the world of business.


Instead of hiring a new employee without an adequate system in place to train them and develop their skills, now is the time to embrace the latest training technology on the market to optimize training. For most modern businesses, utilizing the power of a human resource information system (HRIS) to train employees is essential.


The following are some of the benefits you can take advantage of when embracing the power of an HRIS during the employee training process.


Finding Ways to Find and Fix Skill Gaps

Using quizzes is a great way to truly assess where an employee is in regards to the skills they have. With an HRIS, you can develop and give quizzes to every member of your team. Once you have the results from these quizzes, it will be much easier to assess where skill gaps exist.


Addressing these gaps can help your employees grow stronger and will also help your company as a whole in the long run. Often times, business owners allow employees to just “get by” when it comes to skills they may not be that great at. Doing this will put you in a compromised position as your business starts to grow. This is why addressing skill gaps head-on is so important for the long-term success of your company.


Develop a Unique Learning Journey For Your Employees

Performance evaluations are a tool business owners have been using for decades. These evaluations are a great way to get a feel for where an employee is headed and what promotions they may good for in the future. Once you have an idea of what an employee’s strengths are, using an HRIS to develop a unique learning journey for them is vital.


State-of-the-art HRIS programs allow you to create development paths for team members that are in-depth and interactive. With each passing training sessions, team members will be able to learn something new and apply their knowledge to their existing job. The key to having success with these journeys is properly planning them out.


During this planning process, consider how a particular team member likes to learn. For instance, if a person responds better to read-only content, then developing their learning journey with this type of material is a must.


When presenting a newly developed learning path to a team member, be sure to include information about the pay raises and perks that accompany getting promoted. This will usually act as motivation for the team members and will lead to them giving their all during these training sessions.


A Great Way to Empower Employees

The cornerstone of any successful business is engaged and happy employees. If an employee feels like their boss is invested time and resources into their development, they will work harder. Empowering your employees with training will also make them more loyal.


Most HRIS programs allow you to conduct training sessions on cloud-based portals. These portals can be accessed with laptops, desktops or on specially designed kiosks. Offering this flexibility and versatility will make it easy for your employees to take on training sessions in their spare time.


A Great Investment

Helping your employees reach their full potential should be one of your main concerns as a business owner. With state-of-the-art HRIS program, properly training your team will be a breeze.


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