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Doing vs. Knowing and the Paradox of Business Communication Engagement


For workers in all kinds of organizations, a good and ‘productive’ day too often seems to be defined by numbers. The number of emails sent and the elusive triumph of InBox Zero.

The number of files shared through DropBox or collaborated on through Google Docs. The number of messages answered/read/posted through Facebook or WhatsApp. The number of channels on Slack. The number of direct messages on Twitter. The number of video conversations on Skype. Somehow, these numbers have come to define employee productivity and even worth.

That’s a problem. There is a business communication engagement paradox. Because there are so many forms of communication, accompanied by massive pressure to ‘just get it done,’ we might actually be communicating less effectively. The truth is that we are spending so much time and energy in the everyday ‘doing’ that there is no ‘knowing’ in relationship to which efforts drive engagement and action over time. Without ever ‘knowing,’ a communication engagement gap between sender and receiver is bound to grow.


Click Here to hear from Tony DeAsentis and Jeff Wallace about the communication paradox and the importance of doing vs knowing.



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