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Many of us spend a considerable amount of time working. Therefore staying motivated is crucial to be able to cope with all the stress and pressure of it. The first months seem to be easy but as time goes by, we might lose the sense that fueled us to do our best at work. Fortunately, there are some highly effective ways to recover the motivation and remain that way for a long time. If you persevere and make them part of your daily routine, you will increase your chances of succeeding. Here are some effective tips to stay motivated at work.



Divide Your Goals

Monthly, weekly or yearly goals are excellent ways to plan and measure progress. However, daily, you need to focus on smaller tasks in order to keep your motivation up. Whenever you set big goals, it is also important to create schedules to accomplish them every single day. That will give you a sense of achievement. At the end of the day, you will feel that all your efforts were worthy. Hence, you will feel invigorated to wake up the next morning to continue. When you do this every day, you will get involved in a constant situation of progress and wins. It doesn't matter if you can't achieve your goals one day because you can quickly recover the following day. Moreover, following daily progress will give you valuable information to change and improve what you do wrong. Hence, you can avoid big failures that demoralize at the end of one big cycle.


Be Thankful And Appreciative

Being thankful and appreciative reminds you about the good things in life. Sometimes we are so immersed in problems and trying to achieve our goals that forget to acknowledge what is good. Moreover, bad things might also be the path to find good things. Therefore, if something bad happens to you, you should take some time to appreciate it and thank it. When you act this way, you open the door to the universe to provide you with more and better experiences. It doesn't matter if you are a religious or devoted person, the universe still behaves in that way.  


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Find Your Tribe

Whether you work alone or in a group, you must find your tribe. A tribe is a group of people that shares your values and encourages you to follow your passions and dreams. They also have a positive attitude toward staying motivated at work and in life. Sometimes the tribe is the same group of people you work with but other times is a different group. They may consist of family members, old school friends or classmates, and similar.


When people work on their own like artists, independent contractors, or freelancers, they can find their tribe by working in coworking spaces. These types of environments promote that people positively relate to each other. When doing so, they contribute to keep the motivation up, avoid procrastination, and discover new aspects of their business.


In the USA you can find these spaces in many cities. Some of the most popular collaborative spaces on the West Coast include coworking spaces Los Angeles. People who live in LA use them to maximize their time, find like-minded people and use invaluable tech resources. On the opposite side of the country, the East Coast, cities like New York, Boston, are also booming with coworking spaces.


Reward Yourself

Although getting recognition and rewards from your boss, clients, and peers, might feel very motivating, you can reward yourself too. Whenever you accomplish a goal, you should indulge yourself with your favorite meal, get pampered with a manicure, or a nice night out with friends or your partner. The benefit of rewarding yourself is that you can select your reward freely! You don't rely on others to decide what is best for you. When you reward yourself, you recognize your efforts. It doesn't matter how small your accomplishments are, they all deserve a reward and you can feel motivated.


Keeping the motivation at work might require a little extra effort but the results will be very rewarding. To obtain the best of the tips you read above, it is also important that you maintain a good physical shape and remain confident of the results.  


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