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How to Engage Trade Workers Through Online Safety Training


Given the number of hours we spend on the web every day, the issue of online safety is something that every modern person should know about. The question of online safety at work is relevant as well, especially when working remotely, and the best way to raise awareness is to organize online safety training.


But to get the results from education, it is necessary to engage the workers in the education process. How to achieve the involvement of all employees in the process of online safety training? Below you will find tips to organize the learning process so that all trader employees will be engaged.


Top 7 Tips on How to Engage Trade Workers Through Online Safety Training

So how do you get your employees involved in online safety training? Doing this is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance. Hence there is a need to realize that it is wise to use not the ordinary form of education. Several tips will allow you to organize the learning process more effectively.


Analyze What Your Employees Already Know and What They Should

Before you start training, you should first find out what your employees already know. Most likely, they already have a set of knowledge. Before you begin training, conduct anonymous testing to understand what your trader workers already know and what should be spent more time on. This will allow you to develop an effective educational program.


It is also worth emphasizing that employees understand why they need this training and how it can be helpful in their professional activities. This will also lead to engagement. When a person understands why it is necessary to do this or that action, the process acquires some meaning. Therefore, it is important to highlight these points when developing educational material and notify the audience of what they will receive in the end and how it will be helpful.



Focus on Interactivity

It is not a good idea to get participants involved by providing material for self-study. It is worth optimizing the learning process so participants can perform some action. For example, you can offer quick testing after studying the topic. You can use clickable presentations or build a learning process through business games training. Such an approach will create engagement and make an educational process exciting and active, leading to a better final result.


Create Mobile Content

If you plan to conduct online training, you should ensure that the educational content is in a convenient format for users. For example, you can create presentations that are optimized for smartphones. It is also recommended to use such a format so that users do not need to pre-register, create any accounts, and so on. All this takes time and can be inconvenient. Modern education requires modern solutions.


It is also worth considering that such material should be interactive. Modern tools allow you to diversify the presentation with various buttons that help increase engagement. For example, when clicking on a term, the user will receive a detailed definition in a pop-up window. Such formats are more interesting for users than just a dry presentation of the material.


Involve Every Worker

Another important point in training is the involvement of all participants in this process. If this is not done, only 25% of the audience will be active during the training. As a result, it may turn out that only those involved will benefit from the training, while the rest of the participants are simply wasting time.


How can all participants be involved in the learning process? To apply all participants, it is worth considering gamification and practical tasks. Ask questions that each participant will have to provide an answer to. For example, you can ask to describe a situation from the trade experience. Thus, it will animate the learning process, and every participant will be active. You can also try to introduce business games or simulate a situation where everyone will be involved in the process.


Add Testing

Testing is something that can serve as additional motivation. Firstly, this is an excellent way to consolidate the acquired knowledge. Secondly, it is an extra incentive for participants in the training. Therefore, it is worth preparing simple test tasks after each lesson that will not take much time. Remember, time is valuable for trader workers.

Consequently, it is worth creating tests with a duration that will take no more than 5 minutes. By the way, tests can be added directly to a mobile presentation. This will support engagement and deliver knowledge in a form modern users are used to.


Implement a Feedback Option

After each lesson, you can conduct a survey. Let your employees mark what they liked, what they didn't like, or what they would like to know. Feedback also serves as a good engagement tool. Moreover, it is an opportunity to obtain valuable information that will improve the learning process and satisfy the needs of your employees.


It is also an indicator that the opinion of your employees is essential to you, which will favorably affect the relationship with the team. Therefore, gathering feedback is one of the top ways to improve the online training process, meet the expectations of your employees and boost engagement.


Add Rewards

Rewards are always a powerful tool in motivating the team. When it comes to learning, encouragement or rewards are something that can show a good result. For example, you can offer your employees an extra day off after training. Or you can come up with other reward options that will fit into your team's capabilities and corporate culture. This will create additional value for the staff to complete the training.


Wrapping Up

Use these tips to keep your team engaged in the learning process. With these simple ideas, you diversify the learning process and get actual learning outcomes. Don't just spend time and money training your staff. Make it beneficial for everyone.



Christine Tomas is a tech expert, consultant, and aspiring writer. She writes for different news portals and thematic blogs for tech experts that help her stay at the heart of programming, technology news, and providing tech online consultations. Such work allows her to write articles on the most relevant topics today. 

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