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Hulu has sucked my family into yet another TV series. Manifest. For those of you who have no idea what Manifest is, let me sum it up for you (no spoilers I promise). A flight takes off and when it lands for the people on the plan no time had passed, for the people on the ground 5 and ½ years have passed. Now some of the people are getting what they call “the calling”. Planning for an OSHA call reminds me of these passengers dealing with the callings, especially if you’re wearing multiple hats and safety isn’t your primary responsibility.

This happens more often than not — often in small businesses. Safety is a priority but somehow also a side job. However, when OSHA calls they do not care if your first priority is Sales or Executive Assistant or Customer Service. They simply want to know who got hurt, how they got hurt, and what you did to prevent them from getting hurt. That last part usually involves pulling some records from training.

In the past, this probably looked like someone running around the plant/office/warehouse looking for the posters or three-ring binder to see if the injured employee ever signed off that they read/reviewed the training. Today I will walk you through how to handle an OSHA call with Ving — it is super simple. So simple you won’t mind getting a calling.

Someone Got Injured

OSHA shows up for a few different reasons. If they are there for an injury you want to start by looking up the person in your Ving address book. Under their name will be a full list of the training they have been invited to, their progress through each training, and the ability to click down and review how they responded to the questions.

General Inquiry

If they are there for a general inquiry you can sort by latest activity and then click down and export analytics for all Vings that have had activity this year. The best part is that these files can be saved and shared electronically. Printing all analytics and filing them away in a physical filing cabinet is a thing of the past.

It is just that simple. Since we have saved you all sorts of time with your safety training you will have plenty of time to catch up on Manifest. I can’t wait to hear what you think about it and your Ving safety training.


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