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It is unbelievable that two years ago, online education was an unusual way of learning. The first platforms for remote communication with additional features for learning were not very popular.


The pandemic changed everything. Suddenly, schools, universities, and offices around the world had to go online. Today, it is right to say that online learning has helped during a pandemic to avoid collapse.


No one doubts the effectiveness of quality online lessons now. It's not just schools that use them for their students. Many companies have appreciated the advantage of online modern safety training courses for their employees. After all, you can once spend time creating a fundamental document such as fire safety instructions, and then only provide access to new employees, even in the most remote branches of the company. These new platforms have really taken workplace training to the next level.


In this article, we will talk about how to create an online course for employee training.


Rule № 1. The Content Of The Online Course Must Be Relevant

Investments in staff training and development always pay off. Just look at the activity of large businesses on external resources for online education. You can find a ready-made online tutorial on the online course platform.


Creating effective online courses should begin with an analysis of the objectives. The main purpose of online training for employees is to provide the necessary information in a simple and structured way. Online training for employees should be perceived as an auxiliary tool, not an additional burden.


After training, it is important to get feedback from staff. This allows you to see gaps and improve the learning product. Don't forget to periodically update online tutorials with up-to-date information.



Rule № 2. The Content Of The Online Course Must Meet The Needs Of The Target Audience

No matter what innovative tools for online learning you have, you will not achieve results without quality training materials. Here are five key points that are needed to prepare a quality foundation for online education.

  1. Schedule enough time for the preparatory stage. Don't create online tutorials in a hurry.

  2. Check the source information for relevance. Do not download online courses with outdated and redundant data.

  3. Think of tools to engage course participants. Choose several ways to interact: testing, surveys, tasks, work chats, videos, images, etc.

  4. Set clear goals with course participants. Be sure to consider your company's goals when preparing training programs for employees.

  5. Follow the changes: both external in the field of activity and internal in the process of company development. Schedule periodic updates to online tutorials.


Rule № 3. Use Infographics And Audio To Prepare The Course

People perceive information differently. Therefore, in addition to text files and spreadsheets, prepare audio and visual training materials.


Create quality presentations using free graphic templates. These are effective tools that help to explain even very complex things very simply.


Take a look at the following statistics:

  • graphics compared to text helps master the material by 89%

  • graphic images placed next to the text to which they relate improve its comprehension by 68%

  • explanation of graphs using audio format by 80% improves the quality of learning.

Creating a quality online course without graphic templates and audio will not work.

Rules № 4. Use Video Content For An Online Course

Studies show that the effectiveness of training increases significantly due to the correct presentation of the material. Video content is another effective learning tool. Especially taking into account the availability of services such as iMovie for Windows that simplifies video recording for online tutorials.


Here are some tips for recording a video for an online course:

  • do not add unnecessary video materials for the sake of attractiveness

  • do not duplicate audio and text on the screen

  • talk just like friends, without boring official phrases.


Rule № 5. Use Gamification For Online Learning

Computer games have already become an integral part of our leisure. It's time to use gamification for useful purposes, such as staff training.


With online training gamification, you can make the course for employees not only informative but also easy to understand.


Games are part of natural human behavior. The desire to win is a great source of motivation to achieve high results. Gamification works very well in online education for the following reasons.

  • Turns a boring learning process into a fun interactive game.

  • Increases the rate of employee involvement in training.

  • Helps listeners of online tutorials to achieve better results.


By the way, gamification is used not only for staff training but also for the organization of remote work, the adaptation of new employees, staff involvement in achieving strategic goals, and even in the process of finding candidates for vacant positions.


Which Platform To Choose To Host An Online Course?

As soon as your cognitive and interactive online course is ready, the next question will arise. Where to place training materials?


The general advice is to choose an eLearning platform that meets the following requirements.

  1. It has simple, intuitive user navigation.

  2. The resource is multifunctional.

  3. It works continuously without technical failures.


The number of eLearning platforms for online education is constantly growing. The demand for such resources in the world is simply insane.


We have prepared a shortlist for you:

  • Udemy,

  • Teachable,

  • WizIQ,

  • Ruzuku,

  • Educatium,

  • and of course VING!



The latest technologies allow everyone to develop a quality online course. Take this opportunity. Corporate training has already become one of the mandatory components for business development. We live in a dynamic world that changes every minute. Provide your employees with access to the necessary knowledge today. To have the potential to move forward tomorrow.



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